Sales of 3 billion won Kim Ji-hye Dongdaemun Market’s eldest

Sales of 3 billion won Kim Ji-hye Dongdaemun Market’s eldest daughter sales DNA


Comedian Kim Ji-hye draws attention by boasting her extraordinary “sales DNA.”

Kim Ji-hye and Yeom Kyung-hwan will appear as guests on KBS 2TV’s “Troublemakers in the Rooftop Room,” which will air on the 12th.

On this day, Kim Ji-hye said, “My aunt on my parents’ side, my uncle on my mother’s side, my uncle on my mother’s side, and my aunt all do business in the Dongdaemun market,” adding, “Everyone boasts a big hand in the market.” So I sometimes think, “Am I doing home shopping like this?”

He then said that he is suffering from sales addiction because he sells many products on home shopping. Kim Ji-hye said, “I was nervous that I had to sell something even on a day when I didn’t have a home shopping schedule,” adding, “So one day, I started to look for something to sell at home and start second-hand trading.”

Earlier, Kim Ji-hye surprised everyone by revealing that she had sold 3 billion won worth of red clay packs in an hour. As a secret to his own sales, he said, “For example, don’t mothers roll 30 Gurps at a time. But there is a Gurf where heat and wind come out at the same time. He explained, “I live with a volume of ‘ppong’ at once.”

Yeom Kyung-hwan also said, “If you say you sell mangoes, it’s a waste to eat them in your mouth.” “Take a breath.” “Pata. This is Thailand,” he said, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Ji-hye married Park Joon-hyung in 2005 and has two daughters, and lives in Banpo Xi, Seocho-gu, Seoul

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