Ravi involvement in military service brokers…”Record of request..

Ravi involvement in military service brokers…”Record of request for military service counseling remains.


Evidence was found while singer Ravi (real name Kim Won-sik, 30) was embroiled in allegations of involvement in military service corruption.

According to the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s Criminal Division 5 (chief prosecutor Park Eun-hye), a military service broker was arrested and indicted on the 21st of last month. The police forensics Mr. A’s cell phone.

In the process, it was found that Ravi asked A for military service-related counseling. Documents related to Ravi’s military service decision were also reportedly found.

Ravi joined the military as a social service worker in October last year. He said, “We will fulfill our national defense obligations through social service for health reasons.”

A joint investigation team of the prosecution and the Military Manpower Administration recently booked Ravi for violating the military service law. It is believed that he was exempted from military service by deceiving a group of brokers as if he was suffering from epilepsy.

Brokers said they had lowered the physical ratings of celebrities and legal children. He also claimed, “We also adjusted the rating of idol rapper B.”

They designated a neurologist at a university hospital in Seoul and introduced it to their clients. After being diagnosed with epilepsy and being exempted from military service, he collected more than 100 million won.

Idol B turned out to be Ravi. “Grublin” said, “We are grasping the details,” adding, “We will sincerely investigate if there is a request.”

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