Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams Armpit Hair Unexpected Photoshoot

Rachel McAdams Armpit Hair Unexpected Photoshoot Natural Beauty

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams has released an unconventional pictorial. certified armpit hair.

According to foreign media such as the British Daily Mail on the 20th (Korea Standard Time), Hollywood actor Rachel McAdams (44) recently had a photo shoot and interview with fashion magazine Bustle.

Rachel McAdams said in an interview, “I will deliver the advice my mother gave me to the cleaners who want to shave. “Once you start, you can’t stop.” When I first heard it, I thought, “Oh, it’s not fun.” But it’s really true. Life is a long, hard job to shave.”

“Anyway, if you want to shave, always use hair removal cream, and be careful of peach bones and shins,” he added

In particular, Rachel McAdams said, “I asked you not to edit this pictorial as much as possible,” adding, “I wanted to emphasize natural beauty.” I wore latex underwear in this shoot, but this is my body that gave birth to two children. “I think it’s also important to show this kind of body to the world,” he said.

He added, “It’s okay to try your best and be healthy, but it’s different for each person.”

Rachel McAdams also mentioned works that she rejected. They include “The Devil Wears Prada,” “007 Casino Royal,” “Mission Impossible 3,” “Iron Man” and “Get Smart,” which were successful. She said, “Now I reflect on myself. “I feel guilty that I didn’t make good use of the opportunity I was given during my two-year break,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rachel McAdams dated actor Ryan Gosling, whom she met through “The Notebook” in the past, but broke up with him, and later met author Jamie Linden in 2016 and has two children

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