Put your elbows up and burn the scar People with burn

Put your elbows up and burn the scar


People with burn scars on his elbow. People who are more visible are now terribly wrinkled and have learned a lot to treat patients.I was consulted at a university hospital to perform surgery.There is a skin graft, but there is a method that I don’t recommend because it’s a treatment.It’s a very difficult treatment that I can’t tell youI was diagnosed at a university hospital that it couldn’t be treated, but in that situation, I met him and even treated him, so I’m very lucky as an individual patient

From now on, I will explain the treatment.The first is a substance or scar on Mars because of its weak treatment.I did a weak channel with laser, and I regenerated the 15 ton professional laser, so I used it at the same timeSo as soon as I’m the depalkkumchi a scan in the red. A thick one came out at sea level to solve it.I and injection therapy

In the next session, treatment for calibration was covered with basrin four days later.About 19 years old.

You made a happy call in the middle, and she said, “Why is it being treated better than being uncomfortable?” I heard that the university hospital couldn’t treat my cell phone because it couldn’t, and I’m worried that it would work

In the case of secondary care, the pattern was textured, much better.I’ve gotten a lot better. This patient’s got a lot of effect at home. Good  비아그라 복용법

It’s usually normal skin and when I live it’s usually terribly wrinkled and smooth and elastic, and then there’s a lot of difference in appearance.Next, there’s not much difference between normal skin and the texture of the scar. It’s not much different. How much better is it? It’s incomparable. Treatment in the hospital has an effect of 60% to 80% better. It has an effect of removing the scar

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