Peach tastes better in the summer. What’s the effect?

Peach tastes better in the summer. What’s the effect?

Peaches are in season from June to August, so peaches during this period are sweet and delicious. As seasonal fruits are rich in nutrients, peaches in season also have many nutrients and effects.

So today, we will look into the effects of peaches that are more delicious in the summer.

Peach tastes better in the summer. What’s the effect?

1. Activate the digestive system of digestive system

A typical size peach contains about 2g of dietary fiber. This fiber is an insoluble fiber that increases the amount of feces and makes the digestive system active for regular bowel movements. In addition, water-soluble dietary fibers, which feed on intestinal beneficial bacteria, are also included to help improve the intestinal environment.

2. Prevent obesity and various complications

According to a study by Texas AgriLife Research (2012), peaches, nectar peaches and plums contain bioactive compounds, which lowers the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers at the University of Texas A&M explained that the compounds contained in peaches have anti-obesity and anti-inflammatory properties while reducing the oxidation of harmful cholesterol associated with cardiovascular disease.

Regular consumption of seasonal peaches can be expected to prevent obesity and various complications.

3. Required for smokers! Decryption of nicotine

If you’re a smoker, your nicotine level in your body would be high. Consistent consumption of peaches has the effect of detoxifying nicotine accumulated in the body, protecting and recovering the lungs and livers damaged by smoking.

In addition, natural alkali components, tartaric acid, apple acid, citric acid, etc. contained in peaches play a role in removing harmful substances from cigarettes.

4. Effect of lowering cholesterol levels

People with high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels can benefit from eating peaches. The combined bile acid in peaches can be expected to reduce cholesterol levels through the process of being released out of the body.

5. Rich vitamin content

Peaches contain about 13% of vitamin C needed per day, and contain vitamin A, iron, and zinc, which can also help improve immunity.

Especially, seasonal fruits are delicious and have a lot of nutrients that are good for your health, so it is good to eat peaches in summer often.

Peaches not only taste good but also have many health benefits, but they also have higher fructose content than other fruits. This is classified as Ford Map (FODMAP) food, and it is not well absorbed, so people with sensitive intestines should eat only a small amount.

In addition, fruits such as cherries and watermelons have a lot of podmaps, so be careful not to eat too much if you have sensitive intestines.

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