Park Sungwoong

Park Sungwoong prepared a legendary villain role

Park Sungwoong prepared a legendary villain role

Park Sungwoong

“Gentleman” Park Sung-woong introduces a different “villain role” than before.

The production report for the movie “Gentleman” was held at Megabox Seongsu branch in Seongdong-gu, Seoul on the 1st. Actors Ju Ji-hoon, Park Sung-woong, Choi Sung-eun and Kim Kyung-won attended the event.

Joo Ji-hoon plays Ji Hyun-soo, the president of Heungshinso, disguised as a prosecutor to clear himself of the kidnapping case, and Park Sung-woong plays Kwon Do-hoon, a lawyer at a large law firm who was a special prosecutor. Choi plays the role of Kim Hwa-jin, a demoted self-righteous prosecutor who never lets go of a bite.

Park Sungwoong said, “He is the most luxurious villain. “A high-quality villain,” he said, adding to the curiosity of his role.

Joo Ji-hoon said, “I thought Park Sung-woong was Kwon Do-hoon. He added, “If I were to say this role, I thought it was Sung Woong-hyung as it is.”

Park Sungwoong then said, “I think the existing villains and villains were just strong characters. However, Kwon Do-hoon is a nice, smiling, and bad person as the representative of a large law firm. “All events are in my head and I never improvise,” he explained, raising expectations.

He said, “When an incident occurs, you don’t flip it 180 degrees, but you flip your palm 540 degrees. He said, “I pay close attention to small things, such as scarves and watches, and I feel like I’m smiling and giving a cool feeling, and I feel like I’m touching at a critical moment.”

“Gentleman,” which will be released on December 28, begins the story when Heungshinso CEO Ji Hyun-soo (Joo Ji-hoon), who handles 100% of the requested cases, collapses after being attacked by a gunman at a pension where he went with his client to find a puppy. It is a criminal film in which Ji Hyun-soo, who was misunderstood as a prosecutor after the subversion accident, disguised himself as a prosecutor to find his missing client.

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