Oil Money

“Oil Money” Newcastle, Tottenham…I want a 21-year-old defender.

“Oil Money” Newcastle, Tottenham…I want a 21-year-old defender.

Tottenham’s rising star, Newcastle intercepted.

Oil Money

Newcastle United, which has “oil money” on its back, will compete with Tottenham for recruitment. The player the two teams are aiming for is Bayer Leverkusen defender Piero Incapida.

Inkapi also participated in the Qatar World Cup as Ecuador’s national defender. He is a 21-year-old young center back who has been playing for Leverkusen since 2021. He played in all 20 games of the tournament this season and played a major role.

Tottenham took the lead. According to German media “Bild,” Tottenham offered a transfer fee of 22 million pounds to bring Incapier. Tottenham was also interested in recruiting Incapi last summer.

In addition, Newcastle also joined. Football Insider reported that Newcastle is a new team that has entered the Incapie.

Newcastle recently brought Everton winger Anthony Gordon for a total of 에45m. Although he spent a lot of money, if midfielder Jonjo Shelby joins Nottingham Forest, the budget will be secured and additional players can be recruited.

In fact, Newcastle wants to bring Incapier this summer, but Tottenham is actively moving, so they quickly participate in the competition.

The center back is the main position in the Incopy, but it can also be used as a left back. The contract with Leverkusen is still three and a half years away.

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