Ohtani’s pitcher surpasses the legend and tries to win his

Ohtani’s pitcher surpasses the legend and tries to win his 8th home run 10 wins 200K 300 40 home runs


He wrote a new history as a “Dohryu” that will remain in the history of baseball. Shohei Otani (29, LAA) is continuing his overwhelming record march beyond Babe Ruth, who was called a “differential artisan.”

Otani started as the third designated hitter in the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) home game against the Houston Astros at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, on the 11th (Korea Standard Time) and hit a two-run home run in the bottom of the ninth inning. His eighth homer of the season.

Otani, who had two perfect seasons as a “two-hitter and two-hitter,” is working hard to make better results this season. Can anyone climb to a high point where no one has ever stepped.

Otani made a record that will go down in the world baseball history the previous day. After starting the game against Houston and pitching well with six hits and three runs in seven innings, he struck out seven and increased his career record to 507. It’s a symbolic number. Babe Ruth’s past 501 strikeouts.

Ruth made a reputation as a legendary home run hitter, but she also made a strong impact as a pitcher. He recorded 94 wins, 46 losses, 4 saves, 501 strikeouts and a 2.28 ERA in 1,221 innings in 163 games

Otani, who made his MLB debut in 2018 after going through the NPB, played 71 games as a pitcher. He recorded 32 wins, 15 losses, 507 strikeouts and ERA 2.93 in 395⅔ innings, less than half of Ruth’s. The strikeout record is amazing. He had less than a third of the innings, but he surpassed Ruth’s record with an overwhelming pitch.

Otani has become the holder of the most strikeouts set by a player with more than 100 home runs in MLB history. He also topped the American League (AL) with 66 strikeouts this season.

On this day, he was a batter, which surprised him. Ohtani, who struck out swinging against opposing right-hander Christian Javier in the bottom of the first inning, struck out swinging on a fly ball to center field in the bottom of the fourth inning and another fast ball by Javier in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Otani, who faced Houston closer Ryan Presley at first base with no outs in the bottom of the ninth inning when his team was being dragged 2-5, hit an 82 mph (131.9 km) curve and drew a two-run arch over the right-center fence. It was a 4-5 chase, but the only regret was that I couldn’t overturn the game

It is a home run that exploded in 10 days. As he is performing well as a pitcher, attention is focused on how well he will be able to perform as a second-rate player this season.

Babe Ruth won more than 10 games as a pitcher in two seasons, 1916 and 1917. After that, he worked harder as a batter. Ruth is considered one of the best hitters in MLB history. He left a short but strong impact as a pitcher. However, it was not as successful as Ohtani as the ‘Dohryu’.

In 1916, his batting average was only 0.272 with three home runs, and the following year, he raised his batting average to 0.325 but failed to set a big record with two home runs. 1919 was the most successful season for Lee Do-ryu, who played 133⅓ innings in 17 games as a pitcher, recording 9 wins, 5 losses, 1 save, 30 strikeouts, ERA 2.97 and batting average of 0.322 29 home runs and 113 RBIs in 130 games. The OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) reached 1.114.

Otani’s past two seasons have been brilliant. In 2021, when he won the MVP, he batted 0.257 46 home runs, 100 RBIs, and OPS 0.964 as a batter, and as a pitcher, he played 130⅓ innings in 23 games, recording 9 wins, 2 losses, 156 strikeouts, and ERA 3.18. However, it was a shame that 1 win was not enough for 10 wins

Was it a pity that he won the MVP but failed to achieve 10 wins. Otani focused more on pitching last year. As a batter, his batting average decreased somewhat to 0.273 34 home runs and 95 RBIs OPS 0.875 but he spent a monstrous season with 15 wins, 9 losses and ERA 2.33 in 166 innings in 28 games as a pitcher.

We are working hard to have a more balanced season this season. Currently, he has four wins, one loss, 66 strikeouts, ERA 2.74 in eight games, and a batting average of 0.293 with eight home runs and 24 RBIs, OPS of 0.888 in 36 games.

Arithmetically, it seems easy for a pitcher to achieve 10 wins and 200 strikeouts. Record as a batter is a variable. Otani, who has never hit a .300 batting average since his debut, is showing his best contact skills this season. Although the focus is more on productivity such as long-hitting power than batting average, if he records a batting average of .300 with 10 wins and 200 strikeouts as a pitcher, he will also be remembered as a meaningful record. RBI can also record more than 100 RBIs. Home runs are also expected to be able to achieve 35 home runs at the moment, and 40 home runs will not be impossible if the pace is raised a little 파워볼인증업체

Will Ohtani, who made a huge record as a hitter in 2021 and a pitcher in 2022, be able to record 10 wins-200 strikeouts-300 batting average-40 home runs-100 RBIs this season. If possible, he will be the second MVP of his career

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