Oh Sunjin

Oh Sunjin signed a contract of up to 400 million won for 1+1 year

Oh Sunjin signed a contract of up to 400 million won for 1+1 year for his home team’s comeback to Hanwha

Oh Sunjin

The professional baseball Hanwha Eagles have recruited the third and last external free agent (FA) of this season. The main character is Oh Sun-jin.

Hanwha announced on the 29th that it has signed an FA contract with Oh Sun-jin. The contract period is 1+1 year, and the maximum total amount is 400 million won, including 150 million won in down payment, 100 million won in annual salary, and 25 million won in incentives.

The club explained, “If a player meets certain conditions for one year of the basic contract period, the one-year contract will be extended.” With this contract, Oh Sun-jin will be re-wearing his “home team” Hanwha uniform.

He left Seongnam High School and was nominated by Hanwha as the 26th overall in the second round of the 2008 rookie draft. He made his KBO league debut in the first inning and played only in Hanwha until he was traded to Lee Sung-gon (outfielder) in June 2021 and moved to the Samsung Lions.

Oh Sunjin left Daegu for Daejeon after a year and a half with the FA contract. He played in 100 games this season, batting .276 with 74 hits in 268 at-bats, three home runs, two RBIs and two steals.

His career record is .242 with 591 hits in 2,447 at-bats, 18 home runs, 215 RBIs and 47 steals in 1,019 games.

The club explained the background of the contract, saying, “(Oh Sun-jin) has the advantage of his defensive ability to cover all infield positions,” adding, “On top of that, he has consistently played in the first division game at Samsung this season.”

After finishing the contract, Oh Sunjin said through the club, “I’m very happy to return to my old team that I’ve been attached to,” adding, “I’m grateful to the club for inviting me again.”

He also said, “I have more juniors on the team during my year and a half away. I think I should take responsibility and lead the team by setting an example as a senior, he said. “I will do my best to show the team better next season.”

“Oh Sunjin is a player who has played for our team for a long time, so he will be able to adapt to the team atmosphere quickly,” said Son Hyuk, head of the team. “Most of all, as a veteran, I think he will serve as a support for young infielders such as Park Jung-hyun and rookie Moon Hyun-bin and Lee Min-joon.”

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