Oh My Girl Mimi “I have ambitions that I want to sweep through..

Oh My Girl Mimi “I have ambitions that I want to sweep through the advertising world…”Is 20 enough?


The group Oh My Girl Mimi released a pictorial for the January issue of Cosmopolitan.

In an interview with the filming, Mimi looked back on 2022 and said, “I think the reason why new images were able to come out every time from ‘Pyong Pyong Earth Arcade’ to ‘Second World’ is because I have constantly tried and grown.” “I will do the year of Mimi in 2023,” he said.

Regarding the “Mim PD” channel, he said, “It seems like a painful finger,” adding, “Mim PD is really precious and in a way, it is a channel that has allowed me to work well without losing myself, but it takes a lot of time to do it myself. If you are busy with your schedule, you may not be able to upload it properly. So I’m upset. “I really like it because there are moments when I have to put it down for a while due to the circumstances,” he expressed regret. Currently, I am working hard on editing to upload backlogs.

Asked if there is a new field you want to try in 2023, he said, “I want to try acting in the Korean drama.” Sitcoms are good, too. There is no desire to play a significant role from the beginning. I want to start with a friend of the main character or such a role, he said. “I want to play a dark role such as action movies that hit and fight when I have more experience, or Wensday, the main character in Netflix’s ‘Wensday’.” He added, “I think I can play the role of a psychopath well.”

He also said, “I used to be very afraid when I didn’t find it difficult to challenge a new field. “I don’t avoid it and challenge it when the opportunity comes, so even if the process is a little difficult, I think I can be loved as much as I am now, and I think I will grow a little more personally and skillfully,” he said. “Even if I fail, it becomes an experience and becomes a stepping stone for another challenge.” There is nothing to gain from staying still. And I don’t want you to think about failure before you challenge,” he replied.

Finally, he said, “It’s been a year of learning a lot, and I’ve grown a lot, so I hope I can live as healthy as 2022 in the new year.” To put it more ambitiously, I want to sweep the advertising world. “If I take about 20 pictures a year, wouldn’t I be able to express that I swept it?” he laughed.

Interviews and more photos of Oh My Girl Mimi can be found in the January issue of Cosmopolitan and on its website.

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