Oh Jeongyeon

Oh Jeongyeon’s voluminous bikini body is dizzying

Oh Jeongyeon’s voluminous bikini body is dizzying. It’s effective to lose 11kg

Oh Jeongyeon

Broadcaster Oh Jung-yeon revealed her bikini body.

Oh Jeong-yeon posted several photos on her Instagram on the 6th with the message “I need Salty Sea again.”

In the picture, Oh Jeong-yeon showed off her voluminous bikini body. Oh Jung-yeon, who previously succeeded in losing 11kg by dieting, is impressed by her slim body without fat. In particular, Oh Jeong-yeon’s unique lovely and sexy charm is revealed at the same time, attracting attention.

Meanwhile, Oh Jung-yeon is starring in SBS’s “Staying Out in the Rain.”

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