Newzins Keeps ‘K-Pop Radar’ Top Throughout the Month

Newzins Keeps ‘K-Pop Radar’ Top Throughout the Month

The group New Jeans topped the weekly fandom chart of the K-pop-only chart show “K-POP RADAR,” which is broadcast across the U.S., for four consecutive weeks.


While the K-pop-only chart program “K-pop Radar” has been regularly organized as a U.S. radio program for the first time in K-pop history, the K-pop Radar Weekly fandom chart was released on the 20th.

On this chart, New Jin’s new song “OMG” topped the chart again following last week. The music video for “OMG” by Newzins recorded about 3 million views during the second week of the K-pop radar’s January counting period (January 6, 2022 to January 12, 2023).

In addition, Newzins recently ranked 96th on the U.S. Billboard main single chart “Hot 100” with “Ditto” and became a K-pop artist who made his name on the chart in the shortest period after his debut, drawing more attention to his performance on the “K-Pop Radar” weekly fandom chart.

According to K-pop Raider, Spotify followers of Newzins also increased by 152,000 during the week. The average number of Spotify followers of K-pop artists increased by 2,900 during the same period, which is an overwhelming figure.

During the second week of K-pop radar’s January tally, the official Twitter followers of Newzins increased by 70,000 and Instagram followers increased by 300,000, proving its popularity. During the same period, the average number of Twitter followers of all K-pop artists increased by 1,100 and the average number of Instagram followers increased by 9,100.

In response, K-pop Raider said, “He is a rookie who is setting an overwhelming record,” adding, “His popularity is amazing even in the second week of release.”

In the TOP 10 of the weekly fandom chart released this week on the K-pop radar, Le Seraphim member Heo Yoon-jin’s self-composed song “I̸DDOLL” ranked third, while the group MONSTA X’s new song “Beautiful Liar” entered fourth place. SF9, which made a comeback with “Puzzle,” also ranked 7th at the same time as the comeback.

“K-Pop Radar” is broadcast across the U.S. every Thursday at 8 p.m. on the SiriusXM channel, the largest satellite radio in North America, along with global media company 88 Rising.

The K-pop radar Weekly Trending Chart, which will be released on “K-pop Radar,” is a chart produced by music startup SpaceOdity’s fandom data service K-pop Radar. The K-pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart is the only K-pop-only chart created based on data from global major platforms in line with the current situation of K-pop, where more than 90% of it is consumed overseas.

The K-Pop Radar Weekly Trending Chart, which will be released on “K-Pop Radar,” can be found on 88 Rising Radio and K-Pop Radar Social Network Service (SNS).

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