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New York Shock’s 10th consecutive failure Tears due to sudden

New York Shock’s 10th consecutive failure Tears due to sudden defeat

New York

New York’s fierce winning streak ended somewhat absurdly.

The New York Knicks lost 105-112 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season game against the Charlotte Hornets at Madison Square Garden on the 8th (Korea Standard Time).

New York, which had won all of the previous nine games and was winning nine consecutive games. The opponent was Charlotte, who was 20 wins, 46 losses, and 14th in the East.

In the previous nine games, New York showed unstoppable performance by catching the top Boston Celtics twice as well as powerful mid-tier teams such as Utah, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Washington, New Orleans, and Miami.

Compared to them, Charlotte is far less skilled and in the recent atmosphere. Ace Ramelo Ball has also been out for the season due to an ankle fracture. New York’s easy victory was expected, but everything didn’t work out and suffered a shock defeat.

The biggest cause of the slump was the poor pitching of the main players. Julius Randall (16 points and 8 rebounds) and Immanuel Quickley (14 points and 5 assists) were all sluggish, with only 20% to 30% field pitching.

It is also important to focus on the second half of the game. He once succeeded in leading by 16 points at the beginning of the game, but lost 23-37 in the third quarter and 16-25 in the fourth quarter, showing a lack of endurance 파워볼게임

The defeat ended New York’s winning streak at “9.” He failed to reach the 40-win mark. He has a season record of 39 wins and 30 losses.

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