New Jin's

New Jin’s Hani worth tens of millions of won Jewelry

New Jin’s Hani worth tens of millions of won Jewelry twinkling smile

New Jin's

Hani of the group New Jins showed off her luxurious appearance with expensive jewelry.

Hani attended the “Be My Love” pop-up store photo event held at Shinsegae Department Store’s Gangnam branch in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 8th.

At the event, Hani presented a luxury look with multiple layers of jewelry from the showme “Be My Love Collection,” which features a neat white mini dress and honeycomb motif

The price of jewelry worn by Hani is around 17 million won for hoop earrings, and a total of tens of millions of won, ranging from 3 million won per ring to 8 million won per Necris

Earlier, Hani decorated the cover of the August issue of the fashion magazine “Elle” with a pictorial wearing showme jewelry.

Hani looks like a doll at a pop-up store photo event of Show Me Be My Love

Meanwhile, the group Newzins, which includes Hani, is active in raising the status of K-pop in the world, reaching the top of the Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200” with its recently released second mini album “Get Up.”

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