Namgoongmin ♥ Jin Ah-reum’s “iron security” wedding today

Namgoongmin ♥ Jin Ah-reum’s “iron security” wedding today, the society is Jung Moon-sung, and the celebration is TVXQ


Actor Nam Gung-min and Jin Ah-reum will be married today (7th).

Namgung Min and Jin Ah-reum will have a wedding ceremony at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.

The society is sung by Nam Gung-min’s best friend Jung Moon-sung, and the congratulatory song is sung by TVXQ.

Nam Gung-min and Jin Ah-reum have been dating publicly since February 2016 after having a relationship with the director as the main character through the short film “Light My Pie” in 2015.

The invitation card, which was partially released by acquaintances of the two, was not allowed to enter the invitation card, suggesting that it was a closed ceremony for tight security.

After seven years of public relationships, the two have come to fruition beautifully: marriage.

Nam Gung-min is the representative lover of the entertainment industry, and he showed sweet love by constantly mentioning Jin Ah-reum in official appearances.

“Thank you for the beauty and I love you” has been ending Namgoongmin’s acceptance speech.

The first mention of the award ceremony was the 2017 KBS Acting Awards. Nam Gung-min won the grand prize for “Chief Kim.”

Namgoongmin said, “I love my family who loves me for no reason,” and mentioned my brother’s name one after another, and said, “And (Jin) Ah-reum, thank you so much and I love you.”

Jin Ah-reum appeared on KBS2’s “Happy Together 4” in 2019 and mentioned that her name was called in her acceptance speech.

Jin Ah-reum said, “I didn’t imagine that I would talk about myself then. My brother said, “Thank you so much, and I love you,” and tears poured out. “I think it was because I saw my brother’s hard work from the side,” he said.

When he won the grand prize for the drama “Hot Stove League” at the 2020 SBS Acting Awards, he did not leave out Jin Ah-reum.

Namgoongmin said, “As I get older little by little, I think of people around me. “People who are always on my side,” he said, referring to his family and acquaintances, and expressed, “Our beloved Ahreum, who has been protecting me by my side for too long and I love you so much.”

When she won the grand prize for the drama “Black Sun” at the “2021 MBC Acting Awards” last year, she also expressed her affection, saying, “Arum, thank you for always being by my side and I love you.”

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