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Music video directors that idol fans like

Music video directors that idol fans like

Music video

Korean music has evolved from listening to music to seeing music. At one time, there were many “faceless singers” and there were times when they were popular if they were good at singing and good at music, but these days, fandom is created only when the so-called “visual” is supported. The music video (hereinafter referred to as the music video) supports the visual. Music videos began to gain popularity in Korea when Seo Tai-ji and children appeared. At that time, director Hong Jong-ho, who was good at filming intense visual music videos, and director Kim Se-hoon, who was good at filming movie-like music videos, were popular. Then who is the music video director that idol fans like these days

X Jae-guk: What are the characteristics of idol music videos these days?

Z Yeon-woo: I think most of it has a story. Groups with a clear world view like Espa express the world view in a music video, and film the contents of the song like a movie like New Gins. There are many music videos based on a scene from a famous movie, filmed in an unrealistic background like another world, and filmed in a realistic background like school or work are also popular with fans. When I watch the music video, the variety and splendor make my eyes happy, but I don’t think I look for it because it’s only when I see it for the first time. After all, the music videos that have been loved for a long time have a good aesthetic sense and if you dig further, they have a storyline that gives you goosebumps. For example, “Ditto” by Newzins and “The Night the World Burns Down” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER, we…’, (G)I-DLE’s “Allergy” and “Queen Car”.

X Jaeguk: Is there a music video director that idol fans especially like?

Z Yeon-woo: Roh Sang-yoon, Shin Hee-won, and Shin Woo-suk are representative directors who are very enthusiastic when they say, “Director Lee filmed my favorite idol music video. Director Roh Sang-yoon’s works loved by K-pop fans include NCT Jaehyun’s “Poetic Beauty,” NCT 127’s “Regular Dream, I Regular Office,” and Ive’s “Love Dive” and “After Like.” In addition, Ive’s summer film became a hot topic, and many responded that it was already over in that it was directed by Noh Sang-yoon, narrated by Jeong Se-rang, and played by Jang Won-young. Director Shin Hee-won’s representative works include Red Velvet’s “Russian Roulette,” FX’s “Fowels,” New Jins’ “Attention,” and “Super Shy.” THE BOYZ fans are really looking forward to the music video of THE BOYZ’s new song, “Lip Gloss,” which will be released soon, as director Shin Hee-won is also in charge. Director Shin Woo-suk of “Dolphin Killer” also directed the music videos of “Ditto”, “OMG”, “Cool With You” and “ETA” recently, making people realize that “Idol’s music video quality can be this great.”

X Jaeguk: Who is the idol that became more of an issue thanks to the music video?

Z Yeon-woo: Espa has an unrivaled worldview, so the music video is always fancy and feels like an action movie. In the worldview of Espa, all the members have different superpowers, and Naivis, the avatar of Espa, often appears. And there’s also Black Mamba in every music video, and if you look at it from Espa’s debut music video to the recent music video, you can understand the relationship between Espa and Black Mamba. Newzins is one of the idols who has been said to have a good sense of beauty in the music video since their debut, but since “Ditto,” they have been showing a lot of music videos that have more stories and feel like a movie. Recently, in “Cool With You,” Jung Ho-yeon and Cho Young-wi appeared in the music video, and it was an idol music video, but it was amazing and touching because it was the first time that they wanted to show the message of the song more than just an idol. Among male idols, TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s music videos are famous for their creepy interpretations, but there are many music videos that make you look for interpretations as if you’re fascinated by the questions, “Why is the music video doing this?” and “Why is it suddenly going there?”

The music video is definitely a genre. It is not just a tool to show music better, but it allows us to better understand the idol’s worldview and better convey the meaning and message contained in the song. In that sense, it is no exaggeration to say that it is an independent genre. Personally, after watching the music video of Newjin’s “Super Shy,” I thought it was a work that went beyond the limits of the set that Korean idol music videos have insisted on. Also, after watching Jungkook’s “Seven” music video, I expected that Korea’s music video would surprise the world once again soon.

Author Introduction = Lee Jae-guk graduated from Seoul National University of Arts and participated in a number of programs such as “Cultwo’s Veranda Show,” “SNL Korea Season 2,” and radio “Kim Chang-yeol’s Old School,” as well as “Pink Pong’s Winter Country” and “Pororo Concert.” He won the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards for Best Broadcasting Writer. The books include ‘Daddy’s Here’ and ‘Drawing Undrawn’. Lee Yeon-woo is the daughter of writer Lee Jae-guk and is an ordinary Korean teenager who has various talents and is interested in popular culture 광주호빠

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