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“Moon Chaewon dream = Lee Sunkyun”…The

“Moon Chaewon dream = Lee Sunkyun”…The revenge drama “Bukjeon” will knock on the master bedroom in the new year. [Overall]

Moon Chaewon

Actor Lee Sun-kyun and actor Moon Chae-won will meet viewers for the first time. Attention is focusing on whether “Bukjean,” which predicted a pleasant revenge play, will take over the small screen in the new year.
On the 6th, an online production presentation for SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Bukjean” was held through SBS NOW YouTube channel.

“Bukjean” is a refreshing revenge play about the story of “our side” who fights without hesitation with everything to fight against the cartel of “Bukjean” in collusion with “Bukjean.” The images of those who refuse to be silent in the face of incompetent and unjust power and face each other hotly in their own way provide thrilling thrill and catharsis.

Writer Kim Won-seok, who wrote the drama “The Queen’s Classroom” and “Descendants of the Sun,” and director Lee Won-tae, who directed the movies “The Villain Exhibition” and “Captain Kim Chang-soo,” worked together. Director Lee, who attended the production presentation on the day, said, “It is a pleasant revenge play to fight the cartel of money and power and the great evil of the world,” adding, “It seems to be a rather heavy theme, but it is an active play with a lot of things to see, including tension, reversal, speed, and action.”

The main actors were Lee Sun-kyun, Moon Chae-won, Kang Yoo-seok, and Park Hoon.

Lee Sun-kyun plays Eun-yong, a reclusive money trader who is the owner of a global private equity fund and the head of investment. Regarding Eun-yong, Lee Sun-kyun said, “I had a very difficult and poor childhood, but I have a good sense of making money,” adding, “Now I am a CEO who runs a very astronomical private equity fund.”

Lee Sun-kyun also said, “There were so many things that (Eun-yong) was expressed like a fantasy hero,” adding, “It felt too much, so I need to remove some of that and have a private jet at once.” I asked you because I thought I would be immersed in this character only when I get rid of the fact that I am so good at fighting and feel humane. “Since Eun-yong has made a lot of transactions, I thought it would be a build-up if I postponed it by giving points to persuading him with words,” he added.

Lee Sun-kyun returned to the small screen about three years after the JTBC drama “The Prosecutor’s Civil War” (2019-2020).

“Honestly, I hesitated after receiving the script,” he said, adding, “It was not a drama of the genre that I had done so far.” It was also true that I was scared because of my notion that charisma and the role of taking a pose were not appropriate. “Since the script itself is a powerful, tempo, and thick genre, I wanted to try it,” he said.

Lee Sun-kyun also cited director Lee as another reason for his appearance. Lee Sun-kyun said, “I watched the previous work ‘The Villain Battle’. “I was curious because you made a very dense and powerful movie,” he said adding, “Since the first meeting with the director, we communicated so well that I thought we could trust the director.”

Moon Chae-won mentioned Lee Sun-kyun as the reason for his decision to appear in “Beop Tran.”

Moon Chae-won said, “I was afraid because it was a genre I had never played and a role I had never played, but I had a dream that I wanted to play with Lee Sun-kyun.” “It was the biggest thing because my senior said he would do it,” he said. When MC Park Kyung-rim asked, “Did my dream come true?” Moon Chae-won also smiled happily, saying, “I achieved my dream.”

He also did not hide his trust in Lee. “After seeing all of the director’s works, I was confident that it would fit well with ‘Bukjeon,'” he said. “I fell in love with the director when I had a meeting with him.” “I want to participate more,” he said.

Moon Chae-won will appear as Park Joong-kyung, an elite law officer who passed the bar exam and the top of the training center. He introduced Park Joong-kyung as “a person who holds hands with Eun-yong for revenge for his mother who passed the bar exam and died due to unfair prosecution.”

In order to play the role of Park Joong-kyung, he said, “I tried to put as little makeup as possible,” explaining what he cared about on the outside.

He said, “I trusted that you would draw me well, and I put down my desire to look pretty,” adding, “I really like the American movie ‘Spotlight,’ and on top of that, actor Rayrell McAdams, who I’ve been exposed to a lot of romantic comedies, comes out plainly without makeup.” “I thought it would be nice if (Park) Chung-kyung had that feeling, so I referred to it a little bit,” he said.

Kang Yoo-seok was cast as Hwang Tae-chun, a third-year prosecutor at the Criminal Department and Eun-yong’s nephew. Kang Yoo-seok said, “When I first read the script, I enjoyed reading it,” adding, “I chose it, but the director chose me.” I was deeply moved by the thought of being with the seniors I respected and saw since I was young. I was really thankful. “It was so good throughout the shoot,” he said, expressing his overwhelming feelings.

Park Hoon plays Hwang Ki-seok, a senior prosecutor at the special department. Park Hoon, who played the villain, said about Hwang Ki-seok, “He is a senior prosecutor with super-elite ability,” adding, “He is the only one who fights with our sides.” Regarding the reason for his appearance, Park Hoon also said, “I was a big fan of director Lee Won-taek’s previous works. I thought this work would come out nice and powerful. “We had no choice but to do it with great joy because Lee Sun-kyun, Moon Chae-won, and Kang Yoo-seok were with us,” he said.

Director Lee drew attention by expressing his satisfaction with the filming site of “Beol-chan,” which was more comfortable than any other scene. Director Lee said, “In fact, I was stressed because I was doing dramas after only watching movies, and there was a tightness in the amount of time and the budget was not enough than the movie,” adding, “I couldn’t help it because there was a lot to produce.”

Director Lee added, “When I came to the filming site, I felt comfortable,” adding, “When I wasn’t filming, I had a hard time because of the burden of such things, but when I came to the set and worked with good actors and staff, it all disappeared.”

Director Lee also said, “When I meet (Lee) Sun-kyun, I talk about his work, but he talks about life because he’s like a younger brother, and sometimes the two of us swear at his wife,” adding, “(Moon) Chae-won also feels so comfortable with me like a younger sister. I was able to work comfortably in the field. The director always focuses on the monitor, and there were many moments when the words “good” came out without realizing it. He said, “It’s goosebumps when I say this, but I think of the actors and actresses, and they’re so lovely.”

Lee Sun-kyun and Moon Chae-won, who work together for the first time through “Beomjian,” expressed trust in each other. Lee Sun-kyun said about his chemistry with Moon Chae-won, “It was so good,” adding, “Not only his fellow actors but also his staff liked Chae-won because he was so sincere.” Jungkyung’s role was a very difficult one. “The role of expressing the pain of losing my parents is not wide enough to express it, but I’m so grateful that you focused on it and did well,” he said.

Moon Chae-won, who dreamed of appearing in the same work with Lee Sun-kyun, said, “In reality, I was so embarrassed that I never expressed it to my senior,” adding, “I was happy to work together.” I thought, “This is why Lee Sun-kyun does this.” It was also a place where I learned and felt a lot. He is a senior who has a lot to learn. I really like it,” he confessed.

“Beopjean” will premiere at 10 p.m. on the 6th.

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