MONSTA X, pop-up store, explosive popularity…Open..

MONSTA X, pop-up store, explosive popularity…Open run and sold out.


Group MONSTA X proved its explosive popularity as a pop-up store to commemorate the release of its new album “REASON.”

MONSTA X will host “MONSTA X EXHIBITION & POP-UP STORE REASON” at POPUP ICONIC on the 2nd basement floor of The Hyundai Seoul in Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul until January 25.

MONSTA X EXHIBITION & POP-UP STORE REASON, which has been in operation since the 12th, consists of each section tailored to the four concepts of the new report. Exhibitions that convey the meaning and complex emotions contained in the album, and stores where you can purchase albums and official goods products are attracting keen attention from many fans.

This pop-up store offers special event benefits such as album lucky draw and photoism artist frame shooting tickets that can only be taken at the pop-up store when purchasing MD products. According to the agency, the pop-up store was crowded with visitors, with open runs continuing every day from the first day of its opening and reservations for advance admission closed. The prepared goods were also quickly sold out, proving MONSTA X’s popularity.

MONSTA X’s 12th mini-album “REASON”, released on January 9, is an album about the process of reflecting on MONSTA X’s 9th year since their debut and their reason for building their presence with perfect teamwork.

The title song “Beautiful Liar,” which sings the reason for love found in the most dangerous relationship, is a rhythmical and powerful punk rock-style song that combines addictive beats with MONSTA X’s vocals, rap and performance to provide a strong sense of immersion.

Through “REASON”, MONSTA X topped the “World Wide iTunes Album Chart” and “Music Video Trending Worldwide” charts every day upon its comeback. All songs were charted in the ‘Worldwide iTunes Song Chart’.

MONSTA X topped the European iTunes Album Chart and topped the iTunes Top Music Album Chart in a total of seven countries/regions, including the United States, Australia, Germany, India, Vietnam, Turkiye, and Indonesia. It proved its global power by topping the iTunes Top K-pop Music Album Chart in a total of 18 countries/regions.

Domestic popularity was also hot. MONSTA X, which has entered all major music sites such as Melon, Genie, and Bugs at the same time as “REASON”, and is still doing well in the Melon TOP 100, successfully completed its first week of comeback with spectacular performances and reliable vocals.

Even in their ninth year of debut, the members who proved their “reason” for MONSTA X’s existence by filming “Career High” plan to continue their meetings with fans through various “REASON-related activities.

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