MONSTA X, comeback with “REASON”

MONSTA X, comeback with “REASON” today (the 9th).music identity completion


The group MONSTA X will start their first music activities in the new year.

MONSTA X will release its 12th mini-album “REASON” at 6 p.m. today (9th) and start comeback activities.

“REASON” is the first scene released in nine months after the previous “SHAPE of LOVE.” It contains the process of reflecting on the present of MONSTA X, which has been maintained for eight years since its debut, and depicts the story of their “reason” that has built their presence with perfect teamwork.

MONSTA X, which raised the heat of its comeback by sequentially releasing various teaching contents, posted an album preview video on its official SNS on the 8th, raising fans’ expectations. Starting with the title song “Beautiful Liar,” the video contained a total of six highlights, including “Daydream,” “Crescendo,” “LONE RANGER,” “Deny” and “It’s Okay.” In addition, the members’ mature visuals and behind-the-scenes of the work were combined to add warmth.

The title track “Beautiful Liar” is a rhythmical and powerful punk rock-style song that sings the reasons for love found in the most extreme and dangerous relationships. I.M’s colorful rapping in the video caught the ears at once, providing a dramatic atmosphere and tension.

If he revealed his masculine image through “Beautiful Liar,” the second track “Daydream” showed MONSTA X’s soft and fascinating side. In particular, Jooheon’s emotional vocals were released, giving him an unexpected charm.

Jooheon, who worked on a number of MONSTA X’s title songs including “GAMBLER,” “Rush Hour” and “LOVE,” was in charge of producing “Dancing and “It’s Okay” in this album. Particularly attention is drawn to the “dance dance” that creates a strange charm with the sound of mixing Korean traditional instruments, Geomungo and Taepyeongso.

Hyungwon, who has been consistently listed on album credits, also proved his wide spectrum by producing “LONE RANGER” with impressive Western sound and I.M’s irresistible R&B track “Deny.”

Global attention is focused on MONSTA X’s new song activities, which will provide perfect performance based on musicality that goes beyond the limits, solid teamwork, and irresistible charm.

MONSTA X, which will return to the domestic stage for the first time in nine months, held the “2022 MONSTA X NO LIMIT US TOUR” tour in the Americas from May 21st (local time) to June 11th last year, entered the arena venue for the first time since its debut, sold out all venues such as The Forum, and completed the “2020 LIMIT in Seoul” tour last September.

In addition, attention is being paid to MONSTA X’s move to mark its first comeback since renewing its contract with its agency Starship Entertainment. MONSTA X’s new mini-album “REASON” will be available on various online music sites at 6 p.m. today (9th).

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