Mirena Kylina (pregnated loop) I’m going to talk about contraception

Mirena Kylina (pregnated loop)


Today, I’m going to talk about contraception Among them, I’ll explain the two loops that we use the most, Mirena and Kylina They have two things in common: they can be used for five years, and they’re replaced before they’re fully five years old You have to replace it in a timely manner to prevent inflammation or loss of function, and the other thing in common is that they both secrete hormones, and they don’t have levonorrhea

It keeps the endometrium thin and tightens the cervical mucus That’s why this hormone is released If you get a lot of fertilization in your young age, you don’t have a lot of room for implantation, but you don’t have a thick heart, and the sperm comes up through the cervix, and you have a hard time with it, and you can have contraception, and you have a physical effect It’s inside, so you get the idea. So, the hormone-secreting off has something in common But the difference is, in the future, I’m very likely to have this hormone, which is relatively low in kain, so before that, everyone used me now

It happens, but there’s a side effect It reduces the amount So uterine myoma and uterine adenomyopathy are a lot of them because of the same time, but when it’s impossible or I want to postpone surgical treatment as much as possible, I used them for treatment purposes So, it can give you life. If Seung-nyang decreases a lot, it can also decrease So I’m using my future self a lot for my menstrual cramps and treatment But what that is

It takes some time to get used to it It comes out a lot in the early stages. It’s not that it’s constant. When you work, the hormone medicine that comes out when you put in the staff… At first, it’s like that. After 5 years, it’s gradually decreasing So at first, I hope many of us turn off our phones yesterday, and when he’s a baby, he’s got irregular bleeding, or if his lower abdomen is uncomfortable like premenstrual syndrome, his breast is swelling. Those who have severe premenstrual syndrome tend to experience these things. He’s sensitive So, they said they don’t want to go to the hormones that are released before menstruation

So there are some people who suffer for about a month to three months after the side effects of premenstrual syndrome are first introduced Now, my weakness in the future is that you don’t need a little time to adjust to most of your use without any problems, so I came out to replace it with a device called Kylie, which is the same hormone that secretes Levonogestrel. But it’s very small It’s less than your future age, but you’re taking birth control pills There’s me in it, so you can have the birth control pill So, the same neighbors that I have in the future, like thinning the endometrium, or tightening the cervical mucus, these countries take it with them and prevent it from being too much, but because it’s low in content, it’s hard to use for treatment like me in the future

If you put Mirae in, it’s more than 30% after a year, so hello? So, even if you don’t have a period, you’re going to leave the 12th complex It’s amazing. If you exclude a lot of people, there are many people who don’t have their period. I can’t use it for that purpose Not as much as I can do for treatment purposes as I do for work, but you’re here to achieve the birth control that we’re aiming for That’s why I curse Then there’s a good time This is also a winning death There are individual differences, but there’s not a high chance that you won’t be able to contact me completely. But it’s easier to use during menstruation. You can use it much less. It can leak less. It can also improve your menstrual pain If you have too many thoughts and it’s a problem, I recommend you to work

If not, you just have to look at one thing, but I want you to take some additional good points. I want you to be bloodied in a certain way. Then you can just choose the file So, the difference between the two is that we’ve talked about the time that there are fewer side effects, and the clothes inside are a little different, because they’re both cross-shaped It looks like a cross, but it’s a little smaller than the size of Kalasa. It’s just cursing when you wake up He’s not big But when I put it in, it was hard for me before giving birth, but it kept on increasing and decreasing because of childbirth For those who don’t have security,

I’m the only one who’s going to feel uncomfortable When you put it in, you may feel uncomfortable in your lower abdomen But the size that sells is thin. It’s uncomfortable when you put it in. It’s appropriate to forget that your lower stomach hurts after putting it in. But since it’s the same period of use, people who can’t put it in, sometimes hesitate to replace it It’s like that for me, too. It’s a pain that goes in very smoothly. So you can use it well. I thought it would be uncomfortable and I was scared. I put it in before, but it was really hard Those of you who work, go and pray

So when I’m done talking about my family, or when I have to actively avoid it, if you use it for 5 years, you can cover it, and if you use it in two ways, you can take care of other schedules That’s why I recommend doctors the most. In fact, it’s a method that female doctors use the most So today, I’m going to talk about me and tiles and two hormone-releasing endometrics, and I think you can consider the pros and cons of the fare and get a re-treatment Loop is actually a very comfortable method of contraception There are common side effects  비아그라 파는곳

When you put it in first, what else is there, like pain, rain, crazy? In the future, you can bake it, too. There’s a foreign substance in it, right? So, there’s a possibility that there’s a lot of secretions or things like that But most people think it’s very comfortable. If you put it in once, they want you to use it. If you’re hesitating, come out and consult with them, and find the most contraceptive methods and take care of it safely

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