Mirae Asset Asset Management

Mirae Asset Asset Management, TIGER U.S. S&P 500(H) ETF Net

Mirae Asset Asset Management, TIGER U.S. S&P 500(H) ETF Net assets exceed 50 billion won.

Mirae Asset Asset Management

Mirae Asset Asset Management announced on the 7th that its net assets exceeded 50 billion won within three months of its launch of the Exchange Hedge-type Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) “TIGER U.S. S&P500TR(H) ETF,” which invests in the S&P500 index, the representative U.S. index.

According to the Korea Exchange on the 7th, the net assets of ‘TIGER US S&P500TR(H) ETF’ as of the closing price on the 6th are 53.3 billion won. The ETF, which was listed in November last year, is a currency hedge type that is not affected by exchange rate fluctuations amid the recent surge in the won-dollar exchange rate, drawing attention as an investment destination to reduce exchange rate risks and reduce volatility. Investors also have the advantage of not needing to exchange money because they invest in won.

In addition, TIGER US S&P500TR(H) ETF, which is operated in kind, is attracting high attention from pension investors as it can be invested in both personal and retirement pension accounts. Most of the S&P 500 exchange hedge ETF listed in Korea is operated as index futures, and cannot be sold in retirement pension (DC/IRP) accounts. eos파워볼

Ha Min-jung, manager of Mirae Asset Management’s ETF management division, said, “Investors are showing a lot of interest in exchange-hedged products due to the recent surge in won-dollar volatility,” adding, “TIGER U.S. S&P500TR(H) ETF is suitable for investors who want to defend against won-dollar declines because it is not affected by exchange rate fluctuations.

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