Microsoft, AI Painter Writes in ‘Dalley 2’ Azure

Microsoft, AI Painter Writes in ‘Dalley 2’ Azure


Support for language models of OpenAI such as Azure OpenAI Service, GPT-3 and Codex

OpenAI’s artificial intelligence services such as OpenAI’s image creation editing AI Dali 2 (Dall·E2) can be used directly in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft unveiled the Azure Open AI service at the developer conference Ignite 2022 held online on the 12th.

Azure OpenAI service is provided for Microsoft Azure to use OpenAI language models such as GPT-3 and Codex.

Launched as a preview version, the service will be introduced first in the central and western European regions of the United States.

Dali 2 is an AI model that automatically generates an image suitable for text or image input. With the addition of natural language,

detailed expressions such as changing realistic images, paintings, and emoticons, or putting handkerchiefs on the table, drew attention with the disclosure.

Companies are expected to increase productivity by quickly producing necessary images or developing chatbots by utilizing language models of open AI such as Dali and GPT-3.

Already, toy maker Mattel has used Dali 2 to design a new model for the toy car hot wheel.

Mattel’s designer said he easily acquired dozens of images needed to design toys,

such as creating images of vintage cars only with the text “classic car model” and

modifying the model design with the sentence “make it convertible.”

However, such a generative model may be inaccurate or cause side effects if used without sufficient prior review.

To prevent such accidents, Microsoft has prepared and provided guidelines and management tools for responsible AI construction.

It also supports fairness checklists and risk assessment tools to review whether AI is being used safely.

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