Marcus Rashford

Marcus Rashford had a day like this. “10G consecutive..

Marcus Rashford had a day like this. “10G consecutive goals.” Do you want to change it? I’m so annoying!

He only knew that he would wither as a promising player forever. The day has come when Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford gets annoyed because he didn’t score.

Marcus Rashford

British media Mirror reported on the 29th that Rashford was trying to score 10 consecutive home games, but was annoyed when he was replaced.

Manchester United won 3-1 against Reading in the fourth round of the English FA Cup on the 29th. Rashford, who recently had a good sense of goal, was replaced without scoring. Manchester United manager Eric Tenhach led 3-0 and took Rashford out of physical arrangement when the victory became clear.

But Rashford was challenging the milestone. According to the Mirror, the record of goals in 10 consecutive home games was just around the corner.

Marcus Rashford scored nine consecutive home goals (1 Europa League game, 4 Premier League games, 1 FA Cup game, and 3 League Cup games) from 27 October 2022 to 14 January this year against Manchester City. It was the 10th game in this Reading match.

Marcus Rashford was replaced by Alessandro Garnaccio in the 23rd minute of the second half.

Manchester United defender Harry Maguire said: “Rashford is obviously disappointed. I think he really wanted a record. He sympathized with Rashford, saying, “The coach would not have been satisfied with the replacement.”

Meanwhile, Maguire said, “But you have to look at the bigger picture. The record is great, but soccer is a team sport. We need Rashford. We have to prepare for the upcoming big game. The coach would have judged wisely,” he said, respecting Tenhach’s judgment.

Rashford made 25 Premier League appearances last season, scoring just four goals. He has nine goals in 20 games this year. He scored 18 goals in 30 matches in all competitions. Coach Tenhagh succeeded in reviving Rashford with full support.

“It’s a pity for Rashford, of course. We have a lot of games ahead. Rashford had to continue to be in good shape. So I had no choice but to leave out Rashford. “I knew the record, but in the long run, we need Rashford,” he said.

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