Manchester United will lose another player 21-year-old

Manchester United will lose another player 21-year-old golden left foot.


Manchester United seems to be leading the way in losing players this season.

A representative player was lost to Liverpool, which Manchester United showed great interest in. And another strong player, Jo틀o Felix (Atletico Madrid), will also go to Chelsea. United have been reduced to a near-neighborhood in recruiting players.

In this situation, it was argued that a good player should be “picked first” quickly. Sports Illustrated, a sports magazine, recommended Lee Kang-in (Mayorca), a 21-year-old wonderkid, directly to Manchester United.

The media said, “Manchester United should sign the wonderkidd midfielder in 2023. United should be interested in an incredibly talented young midfielder. It’s Lee Kang-in. He is a player with good soccer intelligence who can play various positions. His pass success rate is 81 percent. It’s called the Golden Left Foot. Its potential is also endless. In a word, he is a creative midfielder.”

Local Lee Kang-in is receiving attention from Newcastle, Aston Villa, and Wolverhampton.

In response, the media said, “Lee Kang-in can be responsible for Manchester United’s future according to Manchester United’s long-term plan. Many Premier League clubs are already watching Lee Kang-in. The buyout is 15 million pounds (22.7 billion won). “If Manchester United has cash, he is definitely a player to consider,” he claimed 토토카지노

Finally, the media stressed, “I wonder why other big clubs are not interested in Lee Kang-in.”

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