Manchester United

Manchester United has been talking to Kim Min-jae since last

Manchester United has been talking to Kim Min-jae since last year and will not be lost to Manchester City

Manchester United

Manchester United’s interest in monster Kim Min-jae (27, Napoli) has been around for a long time. He is also desperate to recruit. I’m trying to recruit quickly to win the recruitment competition with my rival teams.

Trival Football in England said on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), “Manchester United has talked with Napoli defender Kim Min-jae since before Christmas last year. “My goal is to recruit South Korean defender Kim Min-jae this summer,” he said adding, “I have been chasing him since right after the Qatar World Cup last year.” Manchester United’s recruitment process has been underway for a long time. He is considered the right person to solve defensive instability. Currently, Manchester United has world-class center backs Rafael Varane and Lysandro Martinez, but they are having difficulties with injury problems. Varane has been struggling with frequent injuries, and Martinez has been sidelined with long-term injuries. I can’t guarantee my normal condition next season. In addition, other center backs Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof and Phil Jones are expected to leave the team. Reinforcing the center back is considered an essential work.

Man Utd News, which mainly deals with Manchester United news, claimed that “Kim Min-jae should not be lost to Manchester City.” While many teams are sending love calls to Kim Min-jae’s outstanding performance, he stressed that Manchester United must win the recruitment competition. The media said, “Kim Min-jae will be a fantastic recruitment for Manchester United. “Considering Varane’s injury history, Kim Min-jae will have a good opportunity to take the starting position next season,” he predicted. Kim Min-jae, who wore Napoli’s uniform last year, surpassed Serie A and became Europe’s top defender. He played in 33 league games this season and showed off his solid defense in every game. Napoli played a big role in reaching the top of the league for the first time in 33 years. He also performed well in the “War of Stars” European Champions League, drawing attention from other big clubs. Napoli made it to the Champions quarterfinals for the first time in the club’s history.

Man Utd News pointed out that Manchester United should win a Champions ticket to increase the chances of recruiting Kim Min-jae even a little. Currently, Manchester United are fiercely competing for fourth place. Although he is ranked fourth (63 points) in the league, he is strongly chased by fifth-ranked Liverpool (62 points). United have four games left in the league. Of these, there are three home games. That’s positive news for United. This season, Manchester United had an overwhelming performance with 12 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss at home. The media predicted, “If Manchester United qualifies for the Championship, it will be in an advantageous position to recruit Kim Min-jae.”

Napoli may not want to lose Kim Min-jae, but it seems to have entered a state of “anti-given up” as rumors of a transfer have heated up. British soccer media 90MIN said, “Kim Min-jae has insisted on staying, but Napoli admitted that they can sell him.” Kim Min-jae has put himself as the world’s best center back since moving from Fenerbahce (Turkiye) to Napoli, and is attracting attention from numerous big clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool, he said. “If Napoli receives an offer exceeding 60 million euros (about 87 billion won) in connection with Kim Min-jae’s transfer, it will be difficult to refuse.” Starting in July, a buyout clause will be activated that allows Kim Min-jae to transfer without his team’s consent for about 15 days. It is a unique clause that applies only to overseas clubs, and even the amount of buyout has not been decided. Last month, Italian football reporter Luca Chercione claimed that depending on the club’s performance and financial situation, it could vary from 40 million euros to 70 million euros.

However, Manchester United is trying to complete the recruitment of Kim Min-jae quickly before the competition heats up further. Marco Contario, a reporter from Italy, said, “Manchester United is interested in Kim Min-jae and wants to complete the recruitment by June.” According to Sky Sports, Manchester United is preparing a 53 million pounds (about 88 billion won) offer, 13 million pounds (about 21 billion won) more than Kim Min-jae’s buyout. Although the amount of buyouts and offers vary slightly depending on the media, Kim Min-jae’s transfer fee is expected to be formed at this level. The media cited the reason for recruiting Kim Min-jae, saying, “Baran and Martinez were injured, and Maguire is having a hard time under Manchester United coach Eric Tenhach.” 토토사이트

In addition, a number of Premier League clubs have expressed interest in recruiting Kim Min-jae. 90MIN said, “Liverpool, Chelsea, and Tottenham were at Diego Armando Maradona Stadium at Napoli’s home stadium last weekend and are long-time fans of Kim Min-jae. In particular, Tottenham has wanted Kim Min-jae since he was in Beijing Guoan (China) in 2020,” he explained. Paris Saint-Germain, France’s “Giant Club,” is also considered one of the next destinations. Paris Saint-Germain is set to recruit Milan Schriniar (Inter) as a free agent, but there is a possibility that he will try to recruit Kim Min-jae as he has enormous financial power

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