Major news other than the opening of Com2us Holdings’ ‘Genonia’

Major news other than the opening of Com2us Holdings’ ‘Genonia’ teaser site.


■ New information, pre-booking

– In 2023, 11-bit Studio recently released the same SF adventure genre as the first-person SF adventure “The Invincible” as a new lineup, and officially announced that it will release its private new “The So-Matter” to media around the world for the first time. The Somatic is a turn-based dark fantasy RPG that takes place in the worldview of Isometric, which embodies a 3D background in the form of a 2D quarter view, set in Warsaw, the Polish capital where the Russian revolution took place.

– Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) opened the Nexon Dotcom service of the PC shooting game ‘VEILED EXPERTS’ under development by its subsidiary Nexon Games (CEO Park Yong-hyun) on the 2nd and started applying for the final beta test in advance. The final beta test will be held for domestic and global users from 4 p.m. on March 30 to 4 p.m. on April 6, and plans to open an additional Nexon Dotcom service following Steam to increase accessibility for domestic users.

– Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong-guk) announced on the 2nd that it has opened a teaser site for MMORPG “Genonia,” which is scheduled to be released in the first half of the year. On the open site, you can see the history of “Genonia” at a glance. On the first screen, “Seongruseok,” an important object of the Genonia series, appears as if it were alive and breathing. If you follow the slowly rotating “Seongruseok,” you can see the main illustrations and in-game screenshots of the series. At the end, silhouettes of major characters appear.

– DeNA announced on the 2nd that it will conduct a close beta test (CBT) on March 16 of its new mobile RPG “Taktop.” Subtitle: Destiny’s Street of Red Sunlight (hereinafter referred to as Tactopus).” “Takt Opus” is a mobile game that depicts the world 20 years later of the animation “taktop. Destiny,” one of the Japanese media mix “taktop.” and is expected by domestic users.

– Blizzard Entertainment’s next Diablo IV series, Diablo IV, released additional exciting details related to open beta scheduled for mid-March through the developer’s livestream held on the 1st in Korean time. Diablo IV plans to provide early access to pre-buyers from March 18 to 20 and an opportunity to experience pre-launch games through open beta that anyone can participate in from March 25 to 27.

– 7road (Seven Road, CEO Gavin) announced on the 2nd that it has released its new unattended AFK mobile game ‘Otland of War’ on Google Play, Apple App Store, and One Store. “Otland of War” is an unattended game that takes advantage of the relationship between the camps and the heroes, and is a simple game that anyone can enjoy even among busy modern people.

■ Update

– Shift-Up (CEO Kim Hyung-tae) has updated its regular raid on its mobile game Destiny Child, which adds a new child’s ‘Shy Freya’ and two skins. In the raid, which will run for two weeks from the 2nd, “Cooperative Verdele” will appear as the boss, and when cleared, “Ragnar Season 45 Child Lucky Box,” “Cooperative Verdele” and five-star child summons rights will be available at the store.

– WeMade Play (CEO Lee Ho-dae) will challenge the mini game of “Anipang 3”! It announced on the 2nd that it has carried out an update of ‘Fishing King’. This update is characterized by the expansion of various contents with a plan to add fantasy-style fun to the realism of fishing games. More than 30 species of fish, including deep-sea fish species based on fish maps, and legendary marine life, will appear.

– PANDADA GAMES announced on the 2nd that it has released ‘Ninja Must Die’, a mobile cross-scroll learning action RPG developed and serviced by its company, in one store. “Ninja Must Die,” which has expanded its user pool by releasing one store, is a popular movie that has achieved the No. 1 ranking in Google Play’s popularity immediately after its release due to its cheerful and clear play characteristics. You can experience visual fun from graphics that combine traditional ink painting and animation concepts, and fun of controls that feel the taste of your hands even in a short play time.

– Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) updated the new fairy spirit “Erica” on the mobile collecting RPG “Ever Soul” developed by Nine Arc (CEO Lee Geon) on the 2nd. The new spirit, born from the elixir of eternal life, is an alchemist with excellent physical recovery drug manufacturing skills.

– Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) updated its new team death match map “Chase” on the online FPS game “Sudden Attack” on the 2nd and released characters such as Kwon Eun-bi and Kang Hye-won, who worked as popular girl group members. First of all, a new team death match map “Chase” was opened against the backdrop of the secret headquarters of the Information Investigation Bureau of the main character “Chaser” in season 2.

– Level Infinite announced on the 2nd that it will unveil a new costume for the character “Makima” in the beautiful girl gun shooting action “Goddess of Victory: Nicke” to recapture the world developed by Shift Up and serviced by the company. In this update, the SSR character “Makima,” which was added as part of a collaboration with the popular cartoon “Chainsoman,” will introduce a new costume “Coat Off” in which they take off their coats and fight.

– Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will release a new character “Electro” in its new PC action MORPG “Night Walker” developed by A-Storm (CEO Kim Yoon-jong) on the 2nd. “Electro” is a superhuman born in the laboratory of “Apollo Co., Ltd.” He is the only survivor of inhumane experiments and the highest-grade electrical power. It can amplify the power generated by cell division and accumulate and utilize it in the body, and the name “Electro” is also a nickname given by the public to deify his overwhelming electrical ability.

– Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) updated the story quests of “Noah”‘s new four-line “Morpeus” and “Rose” on the online action RPG “Elsword” developed by Cog (CEO Lee Jong-won). Noa’s fourth-line “Morpeus” is a job that dreams of a red moon and takes out fragments from twisted memories to realize revenge. It is designed with the concept of a dreamer who travels in a reverse dream while ignoring reality, and can be seen sequentially with the first former “Second Projection,” the second former “Hage Dillujeon,” and the third former “Morpeus.”

– Kakao Games (CEO Cho Gye-hyun) on the 2nd, the popular mobile animation RPG ‘Princess Connect! The new limited character ‘Pecorine (Overload)’ has been added to ‘Re:Dive’. “Pecorine (Overroad)” is a character who fights by turning his relationship with his colleagues into strength in battle. It uses skills to increase continuous physical attack power according to the enemy’s physical condition, increase the extra-large attack power in a short time, and recover TP (technical point).

■ Other

– Com2us (CEO Song Jae-joon, Lee Ju-hwan) announced that its summon-type RPG “Summoners War: Chronicle” will apply the P2O (Play to Own) system in July this year and join the XPLA (Expla) ecosystem. Chronicle, which announced its global launch on March 9, successfully settles down around the world based on abundant content and solid services, and then combines blockchain technology to target the global market with P2O games that users share the value generated by in-game activities.

– Com2us (CEO Song Jae-joon and Lee Ju-hwan) announced that “Summoners War: ChunGong’s Arena (hereinafter referred to as Summoners War)” recorded all-time updates as its sales ranking soared in the app market around the world in collaboration with Ubisoft Entertainment’s “Assassin Creed.” On the day of the update, it ranked 10th in game sales in the U.S. and Canada in North America, the world’s largest game market, followed by second in France on the same day, and re-achieved TOP 10 in several major European countries, including Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

– Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 2nd that it will hold a partnership promotion between the popular online action game “Dungeon & Fighter” and Haitai Confectionery “Matdongsan.” The partnership is designed to provide new enjoyment by meeting Korea’s leading online action game “Dunpa” and national snack “Matdongsan,” and will release three “Matdongsan Dunpa Edition” (155g, 165g, 300g) with “Dunpa” mascots “Danjin” and “Matdongsan” and one “Danjin Special Package” exclusively for online.

– Gravity will host CBT in Southeast Asia for MMORPG “Ragnarok Origin” from March 2. This CBT will be held for Southeast Asian users from 10 a.m. on March 2nd (Thailand time) to 22nd. Only 20,000 people can participate in CBT Play on a first-come, first-served basis by downloading the PC client or APK from the official website.

– Line Games (CEO Park Sung-min) announced on the 2nd that its open-world MMORPG “Origin of the Age of Navigation,” jointly developed by Motif (CEO Lee Ik-kyu) and KOE Tech Mo Games (CEO Koinuma Hisashi), will start global services to Japan, North America, Europe, and China from the 7th. The global version of “Origin in the Age of Navigation” supports Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), and is serviced as a multi-platform through Line Games’ own platform “FLOOR” and global PC platform “STEAM.”

– Tigon Mobile, a subsidiary of Long2 Korea, announced on the 2nd that it will cooperate with the Web3 social management game TownStory. TownStory is a social management game built on Web3 that allows users to create their own towns, communicate with gamers around the world, and trade items in the open world. TownStory’s 1.0 version will be upgraded to the Web3 version of “Animal Forest” to develop into a metaverse platform with social-oriented, integrated transactions, DeFi, and entertainment.

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