Lyserafim Kim Garam’s School Violence Committee Notice

Lyserafim Kim Garam’s School Violence Committee Notice Starts Legal Action


Amid additional revelations about Kim Ga-ram, a member of the group Reseraphim, who was embroiled in allegations of school violence, the agency Source Music stressed that it has not changed its existing position along with legal action.

On the 16th, a photo of a document titled “Notification of the Results of the School Violence Countermeasures Committee” was rapidly circulated through the online community and SNS. In the document, it was written that it notified the measures of Articles 16 and 17 of the “Act on the Prevention and Countermeasures of School Violence” and that it was “Kim Garam in Class 3 of the 1st grade” as the perpetrator.

Regarding the allegations, Source Music told Sports Seoul on the 16th, “There has been no change in the existing position that the company has expressed,” adding, “We have begun legal action and details will be covered through legal procedures.”

Regarding Kim Garam, who was previously embroiled in allegations of involvement in school violence, his agency Source Music denied, saying, “It is a maliciously edited and maliciously slandered issue,” adding, “Kim Garam was a victim of school violence such as malicious rumors and cyberbullying.”

Meanwhile, the girl group Lesherafim, which includes Kim Garam, debuted with their debut album “Pieris” on the 2nd.

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