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Lotte Information and Communication’s First-ever Sales Surpassed

Lotte Information and Communication’s First-ever Sales Surpassed KRW 1 Trillion…

Lotte Information

Lotte Information and Communication surpassed KRW 1 trillion in annual sales for the first time since its foundation.

Lotte Information and Communication announced on the 9th that it recorded consolidated sales of KRW 1.47 trillion and operating profit of KRW 34.3 billion last year. Sales increased 12.7% year-on-year. Operating profit fell 14.3 percent. By business sector, system integration is 879.8 billion won and system management is 168 billion won.

On a consolidated basis, sales in the fourth quarter were 318.2 billion won and operating profit was 15.7 billion won. Compared to the same period last year, sales and operating profit increased by 32.3% and 499.9%.

Sales increased due to orders for large projects and improved performance of its subsidiary Central Control seems to have had a positive impact. It is also expected that EVSIS, an electric vehicle charging platform that opened last year, will grow along with the expansion of its external business.

Lotte Information and Communication plans to strengthen its portfolio to expand external businesses such as metaverse and electric vehicle charging technology, which received favorable reviews at CES 2023. Through this, the goal is to solidify its status as a leading company in future business transformation.

“We are achieving stable growth by strengthening the competitiveness of existing and new businesses,” a Lotte Information and Communication official said. “We will not stop challenging future food along with improving profits this year.”

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