LoL national team, which won the Korea-Japan match

LoL national team, which won the Korea-Japan match, postponed the Korea-China match for a day.


The South Korean national team beat Japan and won one game in the League of Legends (LoL) event on the first day of the 2021 Korea-China-Japan e-sports Championship East Asia 2021, ECEA held at Handball Stadium in Olympic Park in Seoul on the 10th. The Korea-China match, which was scheduled for three games, was postponed by one day due to network problems.

The LoL national team consists of “Ilima” Ma Tae-seok, “Boni” Lee Kwang-soo, “Big Ra” Lee Dae-kwang, “Envy” Lee Myung-joon, and “Jeong Hoon” Lee Jung-hoon, who are active in the LCK Challengers League.

The first game between South Korea and Japan ended with South Korea’s overwhelming victory as expected. The Korean national team, which widened the gap with significant results in all lines from the beginning of the line match, continued to score unilaterally. In just 12 minutes after the start of the game, the 8,000 gold gap widened, and the snowball rolled out of control. All lines except supporter “Jung Hoon” were even rewarded. Eventually, the game ended in less than 20 minutes.

In the two games, China and Japan met. Japan’s “Shakespeare,” who drew attention as the only female player, played as a substitute. Japan seemed to be playing a tight game as it made consecutive kills in the mid-jungle fight, but the weight difference could not be ignored. China, which began to roll snowballs rapidly through the endless growth gap between towers and a quick joining match, ended the game a little over 20 minutes later.안전놀이터

The match between Korea and China, also called the main match of the day, was scheduled to take place in three games. However, the game failed to start for a long time due to China’s network delay issue, and the game was delayed to the next day due to failure to solve the problem. The three-game match between Korea and China was relocated to the first game on the 2nd.

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