Liverpool hate Napoli

Liverpool hate Napoli… [Champions League]

Liverpool hate Napoli… [Champions League]

Liverpool hate Napoli

Liverpool hate Napoli.

Liverpool lost to Napoli after winning five games in the Champions League group stage. He finished second in the group and went through the preliminary round. He failed to secure a seed for the round of 16. We are in danger of meeting strong teams from the start of the tournament.

According to data released by Britain’s “The Sun” on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time), Liverpool has a 60% chance of encountering Real Madrid or Bayern Munich in the round of 16.

This is an arithmetically calculated number, not a simulation.

First, the eight clubs that passed first in the group and were seeded are Munich (Germany), Benfica (Portugal), Chelsea (England), Manchester City (England), Naples (Italy), Porto (Portugal), Real (Spain), and Tottenham (England).

The second-ranked clubs in the group are Club Brugge (Belgium), Dortmund (Germany), Frankfurt (Germany), Inter Milan (Italy), Leipzig (Germany), Liverpool (England), AC Milan (Italy), and Paris Saint-Germain (France).

In the round of 16, you cannot meet clubs that were in the same group in the group qualifying round and clubs in your own league.

Therefore, Liverpool can match up with Munich, Benfica, Porto, and Real, excluding Napoli, who were in Group A together, except for Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham in the same Premier League.

If they are all the same probability, it will be 25%, but the opposing team’s variables should also be considered. First of all, Benfica and Porto do not have the same league club in the second seed. As long as they are not second in the same group in the preliminary round.

There are three German teams in the second-place group. Munich cannot meet Inter Milan, which was in the same group, and it is impossible to match Frankfurt, Dortmund, and Leipzig in the same Bundesliga. Munich will meet one of four teams, Liverpool, Club Brugge, AC Milan and Paris Saint-Germain.

Calculating this arithmetically, Liverpool and Munich have a 37% chance of meeting. Liverpool’s chances of encountering Real were calculated at 21%.

Liverpool have no choice but to blame Napoli. Liverpool did very well with 5 wins, 1 loss and 15 points in Group A qualifying round. Of course, it is the highest point among the second place in the group. Munich (18 points) is the only team in the group with higher points than Liverpool. Liverpool had one win and one loss against Napoli, but lost 2-0 and one to four, losing to the winner.

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