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Lim Lala – Son Minsoo, proposing…

Lim Lala – Son Minsoo, proposing…”I can’t buy a ring because my credit card is blocked”

Lim Lala

‘Enjoy Couple’ Son Min-soo revealed the process of preparing a proposal for Imla-ra.

On the 2nd, a video titled “A Nine-Year Journey for a Man’s Proposal” was posted on the YouTube channel “Enjoy Couple” run by Son Min-soo and Imra.

In the video, Son Min-soo said, “I’m on my way to buy a ring to propose,” adding, “I thought I had to know the size of the ring and give it a gift, but basically, size 6 comes out.” He explained that he could change it to fit the size after proposing.

“I booked a musical that Lara likes today. “I’ll take advantage of the time when Lara went to see the musical and buy a ring,” he said in a secret operation.

“You have to buy a ring and not get caught. “It’s so hard not to be caught because Lara knows everything about me,” he confessed.

After some time, Son Min-soo, who turned on the camera, said, “After some time, I greet you with short hair. The last time I went to buy a ring, I couldn’t pay because the limit was blocked, he said. “I collected all the credit cards I was holding, but I couldn’t buy them because of the money I had to pay in installments.” “I only made a deposit, so I came to buy it again today,” he said.

Son Min-soo also revealed how he is thinking about how to propose for a long time. Son Min-soo, who met his acquaintances, came up with ideas, and cried while writing a letter for Imla-ra, honestly confessed, “I tried to propose a few years ago, but the timing was delayed by a year or two,” adding, “I’m so nervous because it’s a proposal I’ve been thinking about for a long time.”

Finally, Son Min-soo, who successfully proposed at the fan meeting and hugged Imla-ra in tears, was revealed, touching his heart.

Earlier, Imra-ra released a proposal video on Instagram on the 29th of last month, showing her being proposed by Son Min-soo with a message saying, “I got proposed.”

On the same day, Son Min-soo also posted a video titled “Finally Proposal” on his YouTube channel and released a video of his proposal, which received explosive responses.

Meanwhile, Lim Lara and Son Min-soo, who are scheduled to become a couple after nine years of dating, are running YouTube channel “Enjoy Couple,” which has 2.25 million subscribers.

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