Ligue 1 has 18 goals and no place in Arsenal Prospects

Ligue 1 has 18 goals and no place in Arsenal Prospects for a Return to Lease


Polarin Balgun is on a successful loan at Ligue 1 in France, but there seems to be no place after Arsenal’s return.

Balgun is an Arsenal striker born in 2001. He grew up in Arsenal’s age group and made his debut in the first division. Since childhood, he has been called a special talent and has been said to be the future of Arsenal’s attack. He played in the first team but couldn’t find a place. Valgun, who had been loaned to Middlesbrough in the second half of last season, was loaned to Stade Reims ahead of this season.

The potential exploded properly. He has scored 18 goals in 29 league matches. It is closely chasing Jonathan David and Kylian Mbappe, who are the top scorer, by one goal, and is tied with veteran striker Alexandre Lacazette. Reims has 18 of his 40 goals this season. In terms of percentage, it is 45 per cent. It is the No. 1 scorer in the league. It is 12 goals behind Marshall Munetsy (6 goals), the team’s second-ranked scorer. The dependence on scoring is overwhelming.

At the start of the season, few expected Balogun to play this much. As Valgun’s performance continued, questions were gathered about what he would look like when he returned to Arsenal. Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketia are in the same place as Balogun. Gabriel Martinelli can also play as a center forward in case of emergency. I’m thinking of recruiting additional strikers in the upcoming summer transfer window.

Therefore, there is little room for the Balogunate. Britain’s The Athletic said on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), “Balgun, who played successfully in Reims, will be called by Arsenal after the end of the season. Valgun wants to play as a starting striker. Assuming that there are Jeju and Nketia, Balogun is unlikely to play regularly for Arsenal next season. “I will not make a third lease option,” he said.

“The contract period for the departure route is contracted until June 2025. There seems to be no intention of renewing the contract. The reason is that there seems to be little possibility of starting the game. Several clubs, including AC Milan, Inter Milan, Marseille, AS Monaco, and Leipzig, are targeting Balogun. Unlike Arsenal, he said, “I’m thinking of giving Balogun a starting position 카지노슬롯

Finally, he said, “Valo Gunn, who wants to play as a main player while testing himself in a new environment, and Arsenal, who are agonizing over him, are at a crossroads of decision.”

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