Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio, a 23-year-old actor..

Leonardo DiCaprio, a 23-year-old actor. 父 “My daughter is young…””Enjoy it as much as you can”

Leonardo DiCaprio

Victoria Lamas (23), who was embroiled in a romantic relationship with Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio (48), who is rumored to be dating only women under the age of 25. Her father and actor Lorenzo Lamas, 64, made an explanation for her daughter.

“I know my daughter likes DiCaprio,” Victoria’s father Lorenzo Ramas told the New York Post on the 29th (local time). I’m very into it,” he said. “I think they met last month. “I don’t know the exact situation, but I know it through my daughter,” he said.

Victoria Ramas is 23 and Leonardo DiCaprio is 48. Their age difference is 25 years.

The two were spotted dating in West Hollywood, California, on the 21st (local time). In particular, Victoria Ramas was the daughter of actor Lorenzo Ramas, drawing more attention.

Ramas then said, “I told my daughter, ‘Think like a holiday.’ He said, “Enjoy the relationship as much as possible as possible as long as it lasts,” adding, “Of course, it would be nice if it lasted longer than a general holiday, but if not, ‘Keep your heart’.” Because she is very young,” she said, expressing her concern for her daughter as a father.

Leonardo DiCaprio broke up with actress and model Camilla Morone (25), who had been dating for more than four years, and was recently seen dating model Gigi Hadid (27).

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