Lemon Water

Lemon Water 5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

Lemon 5 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

Lemon Water

Lemon is rich in vitamins, minerals, phosphorus and dietary fiber. In particular, the antioxidant, liminoid, is abundant, which is effective in suppressing free radicals and aging. Also, lemons help with blood circulation and immune system.

This healthy lemon has a strong sour taste, so it’s hard to eat raw. Lemon juice has a strong sour taste because it has a lot of citric acid and is acidic. Instead, lemons can be used in various ways for cooking, including juice, peel, and pulp. Lemon is often used to remove the fishy smell unique to meat and fish and to keep the taste alive.

Especially, lemon water, which you drink with lemon water, is the easiest and most practical way to eat lemon. According to experts, drinking lemon water has various benefits to our health. Below are the five benefits of lemon water introduced by Eat this, not that.

1. Reduce abdominal swelling.

If the pants feel tighter than usual, a glass of lemon water can be a good solution. “When lemon water helps diuretic action and the body tries to stay hydrated, it reduces body expansion,” said Jodi Grebel, nutrition consultant at Citration.

2. It boosts immunity.

If you are living a regular life now, some lemon water will strengthen your immune system. Alicia Galvin, resident nutritionist at the Sovereign Institute, said, “One lemon contains about 20mg of vitamin C, which is beneficial to the immune system and acts as an antioxidant. This represents 20 percent of the recommended daily amount.

3. It can improve digestive function.

If you feel you have digestive problems, dietary fiber is good, but drinking lemon water in the morning can be a good alternative. Drinking lemon water in the morning makes bowel movements active.

4. You can have healthy skin.

“Moisture improves skin health,” said Jessica Biffen, nutritionist at Essentia Water. “Cream and serum can protect your skin’s health, but without moisture, you can’t get optimal skin condition.” Also, lemon water has a great antioxidant effect, so drinking lemon water can make your skin firm and prevent wrinkles-like aging.

According to a study published in Nutrients, vitamin C, which is rich in lemon, can help skin look younger and healthier by promoting skin.

5. It can prevent kidney stones.

Kidney stones, accompanied by tremendous pain, are more common than expected. According to a 2012 study published in the European Journal of Urology, 8.8 percent of adults will experience kidney stones once in their lives. Fortunately, drinking lemon water can prevent painful kidney stones. Research shows that citric acid contained in lemons can help break down and dissolve the stones.

“Lemon cleansing removes toxins, removes inflammation, and keeps your skin healthy, so it will help your skin to wash with lemons,” said Choi Dong-ki, director of High-Dak Oriental Medicine and Counseling. However, he advised, “Since each person has a different skin type, it is better to use it carefully if there is any irritation.” Below is how to wash your face with lemon. 파워볼사이트

1. Wash your face with mild soap first.
2. Mix the lemon extract with purified water about 5:1 or 10:1.
3. Use it as if you are massaging it gently.
4. However, adjust the concentration according to the degree of irritation and find the most appropriate concentration for your skin.

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