Lee Soo-geun

Lee Soo-geun and Park Ji-yeon I wanted to make a pretty

Lee Soo-geun and Park Ji-yeon I wanted to make a pretty trace of hemodialysis on their short sleeves

Lee Soo-geun

Broadcaster Park Ji-yeon made a special decision for her friend.

Park Ji-yeon said on her SNS early on the 14th, “The things that are obvious to someone and are precious to someone. It’s natural for someone to wear short sleeves in the summer, but it was a special and grateful day like a movie for me. My friend wanted to go pretty because it was her first time in a movie, so she put a bandaid on her arm and went to celebrate in a style that she didn’t wear. ♥ So cool Choi Woong,” and several photos were posted.

The released photo showed Park Ji-yeon who went to watch the movie “Touching Warning” starring her friend Choi Woong. Park Ji-yeon, who is battling kidney disease, confessed that she cannot wear short sleeves because of hemodialysis, which she has to do every other day. However, Park Ji-yeon wore a short-sleeved tweet jacket for the special occasion. Park Ji-yeon’s arms are full of bandages, but she is proud of it.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-geun and Park Ji-yeon married in 2008 and have two sons

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