Lee Kyung-hoon

Lee Kyung-hoon ahead of the Phoenix Open, “I gained confidence

Lee Kyung-hoon ahead of the Phoenix Open, “I gained confidence as a runner-up in 2021.”

Lee Kyung-hoon

“I enjoyed playing against Scottie Schaeffler and Justin Thomas and gained confidence.”

Lee Kyung-hoon recalled good memories of being runner-up in 2021 in an interview with the PGA Tour ahead of the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) Tour WM Phoenix Open (total prize money of $20 million), which will open in TPC Scottsdale (par 71) in Arizona on the 9th.

At that time, Lee Kyung-hoon played with top men’s golf players such as Scotty Schaeffler and Justin Thomas (USA), and finished tied for second place, one stroke behind Brooks Koepka (USA). Lee Kyung-hoon said, “I’ve never played with such players before. “It was a fun time and I gained confidence,” he said. Lee Kyung-hoon won his first career victory at AT&T Byronelson in May thanks to his confidence at the time, and a year later, he became the first Korean player to play on the PGA Tour to defend his title.

Lee Kyung-hoon said, “All shots are important, but you have to pay particular attention to the putt,” adding, “The putt went well when I was runner-up in 2021. It is important to read the green well and make good putts,” he said, citing the secret to entering the top ranks.

This year, the prize money has more than doubled, and the size of the tournament has grown, with most of the world’s top players participating. Lee Kyung-hoon said, “There are many outstanding players coming out this week. “I like a tournament with a strong roster,” he said adding, “It is more special because many fans are together like the 16th and 18th holes.” “I’m nervous because there are so many people, but if I play a good game, there’s a lot of response,” he said, expressing expectations.

Lee Kyung-hoon will play with Kim Joo-hyung, Lim Sung-jae and Kim Si-woo this week. Lee Kyunghoon said, “It’s good that we can be together and support each other. “It’s good to see you at the competition every week,” he said. Lee Kyunghoon will be accompanied by Chez Libby of the U.S. and Mackenzie Hughes of Canada in the first and second rounds of the tournament.

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