Lee Ju Bin from “Paper House” needs to look good

Lee Ju Bin from “Paper House” needs to look good because of his emotions in bed shoes


Lee Joo-bin, who showed an unconventional bed scene and acting between reason and emotion, is one of the stars created by “Paper House: Joint Economic Zone.” Lee Joo-bin, who put down his appearance and did his best, had a special affection for Yoon Mi-sun’s role.

Lee Joo-bin joined Netflix’s “Paper House: Joint Economic Zone” interview, which took place in the morning of the 4th. Lee Ju-bin said, “I’m worried and excited about the audition. I joined because you liked it. Since the original work is a famous work, I expected more than I was nervous. I thought I could play a lovely and cool role.”

In the play, Lee Joo-bin plays Yoon Mi-sun, an accounting clerk. He is an inappropriate relationship with Cho Young-min (Park Myung-hoon), director of the Mint, and a variable that shakes the robbery squad and the joint response team of the two Koreas at the same time. Among them, Lee Joo-bin showed a perfect assimilation of the character by giving flexible variations depending on different situations, from the appearance of hostages at the crossroads of life to the betrayal of Cho Young-min and the love line with Denver (Kim Ji-hoon).

Lee also confessed his relationship with Cho Young-min and Denver. Lee said, “Until part one, Mi-sun will not know whether it is love or impulse or what emotion it is. In the case of married men, when they asked them to listen to their parents and meet Young-min passively rather than love, they would have started the relationship with the hope that they would be able to take care of their families in North Korea. Denver must have felt like a reliable and dependable person rather than love when he betrayed and used it to the end.”

As it is a world-famous original work, Lee Ju-bin agonized over the birth of his own Yoon Mi-sun. Lee Joo-bin said, “I was worried at first because it was a character with the original. I thought about how to express Monica and Yoon Mi-sun in the original work. The script itself is a different character. He is different from a warrior in character. Later, he only looked at the script and thought about the breathing and directing of the actors in the field and threw everything. In the original, Monica joins the bandits in a frail and lovely way later. That’s similar to Mi-sun’s It looks weak, but it is strong at critical moments and has a strong survival instinct. “I acted with the thought of being sensitive when I was sensitive and let’s be released when I was released,” he said.

Lee Ju-bin worked with Park Myung-hoon and Kim Ji-hoon for a long time. Lee Ju-bin said, “Park Myung-hoon was good at acting and showed more reactions than I imagined. I was so good at acting that I kept getting a real reaction. Kim Ji-hoon was also more savory, affectionate and cute than Denver, who only read the script. I’m watching the two of them when they play MisunIt was good that my acting came out naturally,” he said.

In particular, Misun and Denver’s bed scene drew attention in the play. Lee Ju-bin said, “I knew there was a bed scene. The director said that the original work is not as intense and stimulating. I avoided unnecessary and provocative scenes in the work. The script convinced me. I agreed because I thought it needed to be in order for the emotional line to continue,” he said.

He then said, “Kim Ji-hoon works out all the time. I thought I prepared really hard. Since I have no experience in bed, I looked up all kinds of movie YouTube. I worked out hard, but I think emotions are more important than physical chemistry. I tried to express my facial expression,” he said.

Lee Ju-bin also did his best for the bed scene. Lee said, “I didn’t lose weight, I worked out like crazy. I took PT twice a day and went to Pilates five times a week. “I worked out hard because of the burden of exposure, but I joined the bandits in the original work and worked out hard just in case they acted,” he confessed.

Lee Joo-bin especially showed a new face that he had not shown before through Mi-sun. She showed off her beautiful beauty even without makeup. Lee Ju-bin said, “The staff always told me that I should not wear makeup, so I put on makeup in any scene. However, after sweating after an emotional scene, makeup disappears. Rather than the visuals on the screen, she acted to the point where I thought she would be thirsty. I put it down for appearance and took it. The camera angle and lighting were taken well so that I didn’t hate it. So it was amazing that it came out well.”
Part 1 of “Paper House: Joint Economic Zone,” starring Lee Ju-bin, was released on the 24th of last month

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