Lee Jong-hyuk

Lee Jong-hyuk challenges “King” for the first time..

Lee Jong-hyuk challenges “King” for the first time in his career.

Lee Jong-hyuk

Lee Jong-hyuk will become the king for the first time in his actor career.

Lee Jong-hyuk will appear in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth Woldam (written by Jung Hyun-jung, directed by Lee Jong-jae, produced by Written and Picture, and planned Studio Dragon).” “Youth Woldam” is a youth relief romance drama about a prince caught in a mysterious curse and a genius girl who was identified as the culprit of a family murder case overnight.

Lee Jong-hyuk plays the role of King of Joseon, whose inner thoughts are unknown. Although he is a father who is more worried about Prince Lee Hwan (Park Hyung-sik) than anyone else in a palace full of jealousy and envy, he will perfectly portray a three-dimensional character who has no choice but to become a strict king in front of his son based on his solid acting skills to further enhance the immersion of the play.

Jong-hyuk, who debuted in a play in 1997, has since gradually expanded his scope to the stage, screen, and cathode ray tube, proving his potential as a “trusted actor.” In particular, he had a busier year than anyone else in 2022 such as the musical “Broadway 42nd Street,” the drama “The Real Sword Competition,” the entertainment show “Hot Singers,” and “Follow Me Now.” In particular, Lee Jong-hyuk will challenge his first king since his debut with “Youth Woldam.”

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth Woldam” will premiere at 8:50 p.m. on February 6.

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