Lee Hyeyoung

Lee Hyeyoung is like a sister to a daughter who got remarried

Lee Hyeyoung is like a sister to a daughter who got remarried, motherhood stronger than blood

Lee Hyeyoung

Lee Hye-young posted a proof shot while dating her daughter in the U.S.

On the 16th, actress Lee Hye-young posted a picture of how she has been doing on her Instagram story. Currently, Lee Hye-young is visiting the U.S. to meet her daughter with her husband.

The released photo shows Lee Hye-young leaving a proof shot with her pretty daughter.

Earlier, Lee Hye-young expressed her affection by mentioning her late daughter on several broadcasts. He remarried to an older businessman in 2011 and became a family member with his daughter, who was in puberty at the time.

Lee Hye-young said, “I met my child when she was in puberty. So I didn’t do the broadcast. I chose to spend time with my child and give him love.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-young married an older businessman in 2011. He is currently appearing on the MBN entertainment show ‘Doll Singles.’ “Doll Singles” is a 100% real love observation of attractive dolsing men and women who have been there once.

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