Lee Hyesung

Lee Hyesung’s Young and Rich life going to Paris

Lee Hyesung’s Young and Rich life going to Paris to Paris trip to eat bread

Lee Hyesung

Announcer Lee Hye-sung revealed his recent status in Paris.

On the afternoon of the 28th, Lee Hye-sung posted a number of limbs on his Instagram along with an article, “A trip to Paris under the guise of bread research.”

In the photo released, Lee Hye-sung is in Paris, France. She is usually known as a great breadwinner. As if to prove this, she shares various kinds of bread photos, and even when she goes to Paris, she is still amazed by her love for bread. Also, various breads in Paris, France, make my mouth water when I see them.

In addition, Lee Hye-sung walks down the street in a hanbok in Paris, touching the viewers with his patriotic fashion.

Meanwhile, Lee Hye-sung is a former KBS announcer and has been appearing in various programs since the freelance declaration. He is currently appearing on tvN’s “Naked World History” and so on

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