Lee Geun

Lee Geun, 20 million won in damages to the victim…

Lee Geun, 20 million won in damages to the victim…

Lee Geun

It was belatedly known that former captain Lee Geun paid 20 million won in damages to women affected by forced harassment.

According to an E-Daily report on the 30th, Judge Kim Sang-hoon of the Civil Affairs Department 30 of the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of some of the plaintiffs in a compensation suit filed by woman A against Lee Geun on October 21 last year. Judge Kim admitted 20 million won out of the 64 million won worth of claims.

Earlier, Lee Geun was handed over to trial on charges of forcibly molesting A at a club in Gangnam-gu, Seoul in the early morning of November 26, 2017.

In 2018, the court judged that A’s consistent statements were credible, and judged Lee Geun’s charges guilty based on closed-circuit (CC) TV footage taken at the time of the case and sentenced him to a fine of 2 million won. Lee Geun, who objected to the ruling, appealed and appealed, but all were rejected.

Since then, when the conviction was known to the public in October 2020, Lee Geun has complained of unfairness by posting several posts on his SNS, saying, “I clearly did not commit any harassment” and “The judgment was made as only one evidence.”

In particular, Lee Geun said in a media interview in November of that year, “It was physically impossible to sexually assault. I want to release all the CCTV footage. He made a statement to the effect that he wanted to leave the public to judge who was right, and A filed a compensation suit for damages, saying that he suffered mental damage due to Lee Geun’s forced harassment and “secondary abuse” that denies the charges.

In response, the court cited 5 million won and 15 million won, respectively, as alimony for the forced harassment act itself and the act of denying the harassment.

Judge Kim said, “Even though the conviction was confirmed, the defendant confessed the plaintiff with false facts and made a public misunderstanding,” adding, “In fact, groundless criticism that the plaintiff was innocent was made through comments on Internet bulletin boards.” The Defendant is obligated to compensate for the mental damage suffered by the Plaintiff due to the act of denying harassment, he/she ruled.

Lee did not submit an appeal to the court, and the ruling was reportedly confirmed in December last year.

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