Lee Eun-joo who can’t fry eggs Illegal gambling Andy hugs

Lee Eun-joo who can’t fry eggs Illegal gambling Andy hugs each other Fate


Singer Andy and former Jeju MBC announcer Lee Eun-joo appeared as a couple. Several suspicions and episodes continued even after their first appearance on the show, heralding a new issue maker.

SBS entertainment show “Same Dream Season 2 – You Are My Destiny,” which aired on the 20th, starred Andy, the youngest member of Shinhwa, who recently joined the ranks of sold-out men, along with his wife Lee Eun-joo. His wife was a 9-year-old junior announcer.Andy said, “My wife looks like Han Ji-min, and she says never to do it because she’s criticized, but it looks like that to me,” adding, “Your voice is very similar.”

Referring to past remarks that Andy was a “non-maritalist,” the production team said Andy had no intention of getting married. Eunjoo said, “I should say goodbye soon.” Thinking, I went to Jeju because I thought I wouldn’t marry my brother.”

The two had different views on marriage from the beginning of their relationship. However, Andy even decided to move because he was worried about his girlfriend living alone in Jeju Island.

Andy’s affectionate side wasn’t the only one. He woke up early in the morning to prepare his wife’s breakfast and showed off his high-quality cooking skills. Unlike Andy, who looks like a housewife, his wife can’t even break an egg.

When asked if she can’t cook, Lee Eun-joo said, “I’ve been embarrassed, I haven’t had the opportunity and interest to cook for 33 years,” adding, “It’s my first time frying an egg.” Andy said, “I can’t cook at all, I’m afraid of fire, so I only ate boiled eggs,” and showed his wife taking care of her, saying, “But my wife has a good reaction and always eats everything.”

Andy had no complaints, though his 33-year-old wife could not break an egg. Rather, he moved to the base of his life to fill his wife’s lack and took care of her like a mother bird. Andy was busy hugging his wife, who confessed that fried eggs was the first time she cooked.

But Andy wasn’t the only one who took care of his wife unilaterally. Lee Eun-joo also quietly covers up Andy’s past.

Earlier, Andy caused a huge stir in 2013 due to the illegal gambling incident of entertainment soldiers. At that time, Andy participated in gambling with broadcasters Boom and Yang Se-hyung for a large amount of money while serving in the military.

According to the prosecution’s investigation at the time, Andy participated for 44 million won, Boom for 33 million won, and Yang Se-hyung for 26 million won, respectively. Andy was fined 5 million won for the incident.

Andy’s misjudgment also damaged the entire Shinhwa members. A clothing company that signed a model contract with Shinhwa sent documents requesting the cancellation of the contract and the return of 900 million won due to social questions. In addition, the rest of the members apologized as a group as they got off the “Shinhwa Broadcasting” where Andy was appearing as a regular.

It’s not wrong to gamble unconditionally. There is no problem with the degree of entertainment in a legal casino. However, Andy’s case is controversial because he gambled with a large amount of money during his military career. As a result, Andy suffered a huge blow to his personal morality and image. Still, the label “gambling celebrity” is followed.

It was also Lee Eun-joo’s job to warmly protect Andy, who had already been listed on the illegal gambling killing list once. The wife transformed her husband into a lover and even succeeded in fixing the entertainment show.

These couples, who embraced each other’s shortcomings and cheered quietly from the side. I hope Andy and Lee Eun-joo, who promised eternity, will remain by each other’s side as partners for life.

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