Lee Dongjoon

Lee Dongjoon was ‘injured again’ during his team’s Hertha Seo friendly…

Lee Dongjoon was ‘injured again’ during his team’s Hertha Seo friendly match

Lee Dongjoon

Lee Dong-joon, who succeeded in entering the German Bundesliga, groans due to injury.

Hertha Berlin, where Lee Dong-joon belongs, won a 5-0 friendly match against Ludwig Felde in Waldstadion, Frankfurt, Germany, on the 27th (Korea Standard Time). Despite his cool victory over the lower league team, he was not fully pleased. This is because a large number of people were injured.

Germany’s Kicker said, “Lee Dong-joon, who played at half-time, injured his left ankle during the competition before the end of the game. “After a short treatment, I wrapped my ankle with a bandage,” he said.

Lee Dongjoon succeeded in entering the German Bundesliga in January this year by wearing a Hertha uniform, but is groaning due to injury. He was unable to play for about five months due to a knee injury he suffered in April, and since then, he has rarely had a chance to play.

Lee Dongjoon, who played in the friendly match, played as a right side wing and showed active movement, and even scored in the fifth minute of the second half. He has yet to find his perfect skills by missing a few chances.

Hertha lost Lee Dong-joon, Peter Pecaric, and Dayo Baysho Zeppike due to injuries. In addition, Dodi Rukevacchio, Jonjo Kenny, Marvin Plenhardt, Kevin France Boateng and Stephen Yovetti 등이 are on the injured list.

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