Le Seraphim Kazuha

Le Seraphim Kazuha has a pure face and slim abs

Le Seraphim Kazuha has a pure face and slim abs

Le Seraphim Kazuha

Kazuha (Nakamura Kazuha, 19), a member of girl group Le Seraphim, showed off her solid body.

On the 23rd, Le Seraphim’s official Twitter account said, “How was the first broadcast? Thank you, Bloom, for watching our performance! “I’ll continue to show you better performances, so please look forward to it,” and Kazuha’s photo were posted together.

Kazuha drew attention with her “Inkigayo step shot.”

On this day, Le Seraphim appeared on SBS’ “Inkigayo.”

Kazuhada showed “hip” styling with bratops, unique jeans, and gloves.

The clear abs without flabby make me admire.

Kazuha showed an innocent visual as well as a lovely smile and showed off her charm without an exit.

Le Seraphim released its second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” on the 17th and is actively making a comeback.

Kazuha was born and raised as an only child in Osaka, Japan.

She studied ballet and contemporary dance at the Hashimoto Sachiyo Ballet School in Osaka since she was three years old in 2006.

When She was in middle school, K-pop was popular at school, but She fell into K-pop after watching BLACKPINK’s music video.

At first, She happened to watch the music video of “BOOMBAYAH” on YouTube, and at that time, She was surprised to think, “What kind of world is this?” 안전놀이터

After that, she went to BLACKPINK’s Osaka concert and watched the live performance in person and cried because he was moved.

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