Late menstruation after relationship doesn’t come out

Late menstruation after relationship doesn’t come out (middle school student)


Q: Hello. I am a 15-year-old female middle school student who is worried about late menstruation after the relationship. I’ll tell you about 10 days ago that I had a no-con extramarital affair with my boyfriend, a year younger than me, on the stairs of my apartment. (In order not to leave a trace on the floor, I took it with my hand.)

My menstruation schedule has passed about two days now, but my period hasn’t come out yet. I’m very anxious because I haven’t heard from you. These days, I have no appetite, can’t digest, and my stomach hurts often. Maybe that’s why the fart smells terrible. And I have more white cold than before and I keep having diarrhea. Is this a pregnancy symptom? I can’t study because I’m so nervous, and it’s so painful.

A: I can tell you that the probability of getting pregnant with Cooper’s fluid alone is very low, but there is a good chance. I’ll tell you that I really want to use condoms in the future. The chances of pregnancy are slim, so you can relax. I hope you get a good result.

Symptoms such as indigestion, stomachache, and loss of appetite may be caused by stress. I can tell you that it may have caused late menstruation. Take it easy for now 비아그라 추천

If you want to check your pregnancy, buy a pregnancy tester at a pharmacy or convenience store and check it out. The pregnancy test period is two weeks after the last relationship date, and you can test it with the first urine in the morning. Thank you.

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