Lance McCullus Jr

Lance McCullus, did you read the pitch? Five home runs, seven runs

Lance McCullus, did you read the pitch? Five home runs, seven runs

Lance McCullus Jr

Houston Astros starter Lance McCullus Jr. collapsed.

McCullus started Game 3 of the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the 2nd, and recorded 6 hits, 5 home runs, 1 walk, 5 strikeouts, and 7 runs in 4 1/3 innings.

Five of the six hits were home runs. He allowed home runs in almost every pitch he threw, including a slider changeup sinker knuckle curve. According to “FOX Sports,” he is the first pitcher to allow five home runs in a game in the World Series.

In the first inning, Bryce Harper allowed a home run over the right fence with a knuckle curve in the middle of the first pitch.

He also allowed two home runs in the second inning. There was an interesting scene when the first batter, Alec Spring, was at bat. Harper, who was in the dugout, called Spring to say something, and Spring immediately entered the batter’s box and hit the 93.2-mile sinker on the first pitch and crossed the left fence.

After two outs, Brandon Massie’s hit looked like a ball that could be caught by a right fielder, but it fell slightly off the top right. After reading the video, the home run was recognized. A little fan caught the ball and dropped it, but the crowd was not allowed to interfere.

Since then, he has regained stability by catching eight consecutive outs in the second match against the opponent’s batting line. It was like that until one out in the fifth inning. The tragedy began again, starting with a right-handed hit by Marcy. Kyle Schwarber and Reese Hoskins hit back-to-back home runs and quickly gained seven runs. It was impossible to keep him on the mound.

On the same day, he chose a strategy that focused on 80 miles of slow breaking balls, including a slider (41%) and a changeup (24%), but it didn’t work well. It is not clear whether the difference in pitching motion is read or the pitching pattern is read. It is certain that Philadelphia hitters were keeping the opponent’s starting lineup intact.

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