LAD are you watching this? This is how autumn baseball works

LAD are you watching this? This is how autumn baseball works Sixth seed rebellion


The Philadelphia Phillies have the sixth longest history among the 30 existing Major League teams.

He participated in the National League in 1883 and it is 140 years this year. However, he has only won the World Series twice. It was also able to win its first championship in 1980, 77 years after the World Series was introduced in 1903. Of the 26 teams in both leagues that year, all but Philadelphia had no experience of winning the World Series were new teams with less than 20 years of foundation. In other words, Philadelphia was the team that had the longest years of “no official” at the time.

Philadelphia reached its peak again in 2008, reaching the top of the second World Series. However, as superstars left one after another and rebuilding turned into the team’s motto, they had to spend nearly a decade of dark years. Then, he resumed investment in 2018, attracting stars such as Jake Arrieta, Andrew McCutchin, Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto, and Jack Wheeler, and finally achieved autumn baseball results for the first time in 11 years this year.

At the end of the season, Philadelphia won a close game with the Milwaukee Brewers for the third place in the wild card game and took the last train to the National League postseason. Of course, it has benefited from the expansion of the postseason, which has increased to six teams per league this year.

Even in the postseason, Philadelphia advanced to the League Championship Series (NLCS), beating the St. Louis Cardinals, the No. 1 player in the central region, and the defending champion Atlanta Braves, two wins in the wild card series and three wins and one loss in the division series, respectively.

And he also advanced to the long-awaited World Series with an overwhelming game against the San Diego Padres, which had a strong wind. Philadelphia, which won 4-3 with Harper’s dramatic come-from-behind two-run home run in Game 5 at Citizens Bank Park, its home stadium, on the 24th (Korea Standard Time), recorded 4 wins and 1 loss in the series.

Philadelphia is they went to the World Series for sixth seed that became No. 1 team in history, ‘ said.

Tuta the point here is Harper and leading the Philadelphia ace Jack Wheeler. Harper was a baseball in the fall in 11 games, batting average, five homers and 11 runs batted in, and 10 points, 0.419 ops 1.351 the mark. This batting average in five games in the other day, his first nlcs 0.400 (20 hits in eight at-bats,), two home runs and five runs and four runs scored hitting average of waving a series of mvp to be on the list. 13 years for $ 330 million fa to contract and the most luxury for the first time after being the spotlight.

This year’s postseason for the first time on the mound in Game 5 of this day, and Wheeler is this the first match of nlcs to do its share of the starting pitcher seven innings, allowed two runs for the sixth inning and ace. 1-1, of 1.78 ERA in four games this postseason appearances.

Operating in baseball in the fall, as No. 1 seed, for dreams that were eliminated early on as Dodgers move, opposed to the Philadelphia la.

Freddie Freeman, the “there is no regular or 120 wins, the sense to 80 wins and sijeunseo” and also its strong disappointment. Philadelphia 87 24 wins with less than the regular Dodgers sijeunseo of 2-2 with nine games to post-season play, full of concentration, but stayed in the high-flying 파워볼추천

Philadelphia was Nov. 29 from American League Championship Series winner of the New York Yankees and Houston Astros and the World Series.

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