LA Lakers

LA Lakers put three options on the trade

LA Lakers put three options on the trade

LA Lakers

The LA Lakers (hereinafter referred to as the Lakers) are at a crossroads to reinforce the roster.

Sports specialist The Athletic reported the Lakers’ news related to the trade on the morning of the 2nd.

According to the media, the Lakers will move for trade from the 15th. NBA teams, including the Lakers, will be able to trade players who have signed FA (free transfer) contracts in the offseason from this day on.

This means the Lakers will have players to trade in addition to Russell Westbrook. The targets are Patrick Beverley and Kendrick Nun. Beverly has a $13M contract due this season and you also have a $5.2M contract. Therefore, if you add them up, you can recruit players who earn about 20M dollars.

The Lakers have been seeking a Westbrook trade with a whopping 47 million contracts since the off-season. However, Westbrook’s trade has rarely been made and this season has arrived. Westbrook briefly experienced ups and downs at the beginning of the season, but he seems to have succeeded in rebounding after going down to the bench.

As a result, the Lakers have begun to increase their trade plans. The Lakers’ second option is to get a role player with Patrick Burberry, Kendrick Nun, and one first-round nomination and several second-round nominations.

The third way the Lakers think is to put a first-round nomination on Westbrook, plus a separate deal that includes Beverly and Nun and the nomination.

Currently, the Lakers are waiting for a hellish expedition in December. Here, it is predicted that the choice of the team’s front desk will vary depending on how competitive the Lakers team is.

In addition, the Lakers are rich in guard resources but lack wing resources. In addition, they are likely to consider 3&D (3 points and defense) style-sized wings as they are suffering from outside shots.

Meanwhile, the Lakers released Matt Ryan on the 1st, leaving one roster spot empty. Many experts have evaluated the Lakers’ movement as a precursor to the trade.

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