Krafton. Pre-reservation for “Battlegrounds: Newstate”

Krafton. Pre-reservation for “Battlegrounds: Newstate” surpassed 40 million.


Krafton announced on the 16th that PUBG Studio’s upcoming release of “Battleground: Newstate” has surpassed 40 million pre-orders.

The company explained that it attracted 32 million pre-bookings on August 31, followed by a successful progress of the second alpha test and a pre-booking in India conducted from September 1. The second alpha test was held in 28 countries, including Asia, the Middle East, Turkey, and Egypt, for three days from August 27.

Park Min-kyu, general producer of PUBG Studio, said, “This achievement consists of fans’ expectations for Battleground: NEW STATE and your trust in PUBG Studio. We will do our best to provide the final supplementation that reflects the user opinions of the 2nd Alpha Test.”

Battleground: NEW STATE is a mobile Battle Royale game developed by PUBG Studio. Battleground’s sophisticated and realistic features include play, action, and independent content. The company is confident that it has implemented graphics that exceed the limitations of mobile devices by applying advanced rendering technology based on PUBG Studio’s technology and development capabilities. Currently, reservations are being made in advance on Google Play and Apple’s App Store, and the official release date is scheduled to be announced in October.

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