Krafton ambitious work ‘Calisto Protocol’ will be launched…

Krafton ambitious work ‘Calisto Protocol’ will be launched globally


Krafton released its new product “Calisto Protocol” globally on the 2nd. It is a survival horror game produced by the company’s independent studio, Striking Distance Studios (SDS).

The Callisto Protocol, which supports consoles and PC platforms, tells the story of survival caused by an unidentified epidemic that spread to Jupiter’s satellite Callisto in 2320.

“A good horror should be made by hand and intuitively,” said Glenn Scofield, CEO of SDS, who developed the Calisto Protocol. “The Calisto Protocol was developed based on a fearful atmosphere, tension, and brutality. “The actors’ outstanding acting skills will be added to provide a powerful and thrilling experience,” he said.

Unlike other horror games, SDS properly mixed proximity and distance battles to make good use of the feeling of thorough struggle for survival in the “Calisto Protocol.” It has implemented a combat system that requires strategic combat with mysterious creatures using various weapons such as guns, stun clubs, and grip (weapons using gravity).

Kim Chang-han, CEO of Krafton, said, “The Krafton protocol will be a priming water for Krafton to solidify its position as a global game company that has continued its unlimited challenges to genres and platforms,” adding, “The Krafton protocol, created by experts of horror games, will give users a sense of fear that they have never experienced before.”

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